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Well, here is my creations! :la: Not that good though, hope you check and like it!!


deviation in storage by angry-aries
My favorites (they are awesome!) from my fellow deviants!


Late Father's Day Thing by xenelle055
Late Father's Day Thing
I haven't drawn Raph and Rigel together so yeeee

This is WIP
Don POV:

“Thank you for helping me, April.”
“It’s no problem.”
“I want Rigel to rest with me tonight. I missed my bouncy baby so much.” I said then tickled the cutie baby. Rigel laughed in glee. “Mama! Stop!” I stopped to let Rigel breath as he is still giggling.
“I will send food later and Rigel’s bottle.” April said. “I’m glad you made that decision. But are you really sure you don’t want Raph and you to be together again?”
“April, please. Can we talk about it later? I’m too tired from the event earlier.” I am tired after what happened. They knew now I still hold feelings to Raph. I do not even know if he felt the same even though I heard from my brothers he still has. But his actions seemed not convincing me.
“Understood.” She smiled. “Rest well, okay?” I nodded. “April… Please call Raphael to come inside.” April was definitely surprised by what I had said.
Raph POV:

April approached me and told me Don wanted to see me. I felt everyone is looking at me when I get closer to Don’s room.
In my brothers, Don is the scariest when he is angry. I already got used to Leo, Mikey usually had tantrums and me, well, I get angry a lot. But Don really notches when he is angry.
I knocked before going inside. He is letting Rigel play with his toys. Don just stares blankly. I sat down on a chair. There is a heavy silence before Don carried the kid to face me.
“Rigel, I would like you to meet your father, Raphael.” Don said. Rigel just stared at me.
Those eyes.
Rigel giggled and squealed as a response. Both Don and I were completely surprised, especially when he crawled and held my arm.
“He seemed to have fond of you.” I looked at Rigel after looking at Don.
“I… I accompanied him when you were resting.” Rigel is like playing with a toddler Don. He often plays this red motorcycle, my favorite toy before. I remembered I gave it to Don for safekeeping.
“Beside of Rigel meeting you, I believe we have rules to discuss.”
I really don’t like conversations like this. I always knew this will not end well.
“You do whatever you want… And I’ll do whatever I want as long as we are taking care of Rigel well. I’ll… Pretend to be together with you as Rigel needed to see we are a loving family.”
This didn’t settle on me well. I don’t think my feelings are a pretend. I’m not gonna act or that had to fake everything. “Don you said back there that you still held feelings. Why do we have to pretend?”
“I don’t believe that you still hold feelings to me. After all those months, do you really think things can go back to what they used to be? No!”
Rigel POV:

Raph is my Papa! I’m very happy! I knew my Papa now! Ra… I mean, Papa seemed glad to have me. I have a Papa and a Mama now!
I looked at them, their voices are getting a little louder. It hurts my ears. They are not happy.
They both looked at me and they stopped talking loud. They started to talk something about me.
Don POV:

“Look, Raph. We shouldn’t argue here. Rigel is watching us.” I said. Rigel was staring at us. He seemed to notice the rise of Raph and my voices. Raph’s anger subsided.
“Sorry, baby. We didn’t mean to scare you.” I said while hugging him. He resumed giggling.
“I’m just saying this plan doesn’t sit to me well, Don.” Raph stated and turned around. He only stared at the ceiling, pondering about something.
“Like it or not, we’re doing this.” I said. I had a knack that Raph will disagree to this. I expected him to be very angry but he didn’t respond to anything. Rigel crawled towards his father and raised his tiny arms, signifying he wanted to be carried. Raph is a little surprised and afraid to carry him because he might hurt Rigel.
“Here.” I helped him by bringing Rigel up and gently gave it to Raph. “The arm goes here and there. Done.” I said. Rigel just squirmed to his hold and giggled at him. It is an endearing sight. I always wanted to see Raph carrying Rigel. I had… Always dreamed of Rigel seeing his father. I… I always wanted a family of my own… But… I never told Raph about it. I’m very happy that I was given a chance to have a kid yet… It got into complications.
I don’t even know if Raph is only focusing of staying with Rigel and me. He said he loved me yet I cannot see the trust to his words. I still had that feeling anytime… Raph will just leave us… Or me, again.
Raph POV:

I swayed Rigel a little as he giggled to my hold. He is so tiny… And he is a mixture of Don and me. I never thought in my whole life that I will have… This.
For me, Rigel, you are the only one that keeps us together. Don doesn’t trust me yet. I… I still love him.
I saw Don sleeping after. I had lost track of time when I spend time with Rigel. I know I’m new at this. I might not be a perfect father to you, but for the sake of Don and you… Us… I’ll try.
I can’t lose Don again… And you as well.
Leo POV:

It seemed that the night had passed well. The tempest had stopped but it is still cloudy. I heard Raph and Don had a conversation… It made me worried even if Rigel was there.
I opened the door slowly and quietly as possible to call them for breakfast. I saw Raph sleeping on his chair, seemed to guard Rigel and Don. I smiled. Raph always had that protective streak. He always didn’t show his concern to others but he does care. I knew Raph is passionate in the things he does, even though he and I bicker a lot, it made me observe him more. I’m a little aware that Raph and Don are a little too close way back but I’m too preoccupied to Mikey that time.
I heard Don groaning.
“Don, breakfast is ready.” My brother only gave me thumbs up like he always does. I closed the door. I only hope Don to understand that Raph still wanted him.
“You’re worried about them again.”
I turned around. I saw Mikey with two mugs of tea and chocolate latte.
“I can’t help it. They are having a difficult situation now,” I held the mug with the tea in it.
“As much as we want to help them, I think its best if we leave them be.” We both sat on the couch together. Mikey sipped his sweet beverage.
“I know, Mike. But this is family. I don’t want them to drift… I just knew what Raph had gone through before… The part he broke up with Don…” Mike stopped drinking. He is very surprised. “You mean… You are thinking of breaking…”
I nodded. “Yes but I can’t bear seeing you cry. I hate it when you cry, Mike. Even when we were tots.” I held his hand and it made him smile. I love his smiles. I had vowed to make him happy. I didn’t share stories about me considering breaking up with him way back. I knew Raph’s struggle before. He loved Don so much he doesn’t want Don to regret. The outcome of being exiled or being unaccepted by father… I was scared yet I will stay beside Mike no matter what happens.
Don POV:

I stretched my kinks out and yawned. I saw Raph sleeping beside Rigel. I thought he slept outside. The weather seemed calm now and I felt a lot better than before.
It wasn’t long when Raph roused as well. Before, he and I spent the time being beside each other on bed whenever we can. He was very warm and nice to cuddle with.
“Good morning.”
“Leo said food is ready. You better go eat there.”
“What about you?”
“We’ll stay here. He is still asleep. I’ll feed him when he wakes up.”
“… It would be better if we go there together you know.” I was definitely surprised in what he had said. I sighed after.
“We had an agreement, Raph. You’re not going to boss me around this time.” Great.
“I ain’t bossing you around I just want us to go there.” Great. And this is the first morning.
“No, Raph! I can do whatever I want!”
“Fine then!” He stomped off after. This is really difficult. I don’t get it why he is not putting up with the agreement. He should be happy about it. He can do whatever the hell he wanted! He can go topside and be Nightwatcher or whatever. I sighed deeply. Maybe I pushed this too far. I looked at Rigel. He is slowly opening his eyes again.
“Good morning, my munchkin.” It made Rigel smile and squeal. He seemed to have a good sleep last night. At least Rigel didn’t see the event earlier.
Mikey POV:

I saw Raph sitting beside me as he grumpily eats his cereal. Don probably pissed him off again. He started to feel this is a bad idea.
Sooner or later, Don arrived with Rigel.
“Ah, I had wondered when you are going to join us, Donatello.” Father said.
“I’m sorry, Father. I have to wait for Rigel to wake up.” He reasoned. I looked at Raph, he is not looking at Don yet he is slightly pleased that Don is there. Don sat down beside Raph.
“Do you have any plans when the weather is fine, Donatello?”
“Yes, Father. I will return to my former home and gather my things there. I have to clean my room and my lab.” He said and started to feed Rigel some cereal.
“Do you need any assistance, Donatello?”
Don took a slurp of his dark caffeine. “Yes… Actually. I can’t do it all alone, Father. I had to rearrange the room for Rigel.”
“Very well. Take Raphael with you.”
Both of them looked at father.
“As I told you, Father, I will not force him to-“
Don stopped speaking. He is speechless at Raph’s reply.
“Ah, that is settled then. Leonardo and Michelangelo will be preparing as celebration of your arrival.” Father nodded.
“It is alright. It is a celebration that my son… And my grandson has returned.” Father replied. Don only nodded, yet he seemed touched.
“I only ask you not to strain yourself too much. Raphael, do whatever is necessary for Donatello not to overwork. All of us are aware of his habit of work.”
Don POV:

This just in. Father is definitely setting us up.
Raph and me. Alone.
Exist Ch. 13
Welcome to the story "Exist", it's an RaphxDon mpreg/turtlecest/AU sort of fanfic. Please respect as I'm experimenting writing "difficult" themes. Thank you.
Warning: Turtlecest, RxD, sex, mpreg, Rigel!
So this is the first RxD mpreg story. Yes, this is Rigel's first appearance in a fic. This was released a year ago under the name Clara the Writer cause I was scared of revealing I had an OC and the fact I'm writing a mpreg.
The writings there are shorter and in POVs, as I'm experimenting writing.


Mature Content

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Raph hummed contently. Being happy right here and right now. With an olive green turtle in his arms.
He savored the warmness of the bigger turtle. He noticed the squishy feeling between his legs and blushing that Raph really milked inside of him fully.
Raph kissed the top of Don's head, without much thought to it the let his fingers caress his bicep. "So what do you wanna do today? If we ever get out of bed that is..."
"Well..." Donnie thought. "Well you can check out my improvised bike... It's not much but... It's all I got." He spoke while fidgeting his fingers.
"Oh. What engine did you build it on?" Raph asked interested.
Don fidget his fingers more. "The one like in your bike." He blushed.
"Het that's a great engine!" Raph grinned. "The sound of it... Ah." He seemed ecstatic. "How far have you gotten, I mean... Does it run?"
"I told you I had an accident during a test run of it. Engine is too powerful." He giggled. "It still works, no much major damage... I never touched ever since the accident." He spoke.
so he ended on top of Don. He rested his elbows on either side of the other turtle's head and grinned down at him. "Can't be scared forever, especially if ye gonna work fer me."
Don whimpered. He doesn't want to ride that motorcycle again. It caused him much trauma he doesn't want to see it. "... N-no..."
"Y-yes," Raph teased. "I'll protect you. You didn't die yesterday did you?"
"B-But still!" Donnie looked down, a little upset that he is teasing his stuttering. "I really... Uhm not that comfortable..." He spoke.
"Life's not comfortable," Raph said, perhaps a bit to headedly. Don's refusal to face his fears triggered a memory for the dark turtle. He got up, suddenly his body was to uncomfortable to just lie there. He paced around the room like he needed to blow of some energy.
Don wondered, Raph got more... Quiet and stuffy for some reason. Maybe he made him upset or angry at him. He hugged his knees and bowed his head down. He waited for a couple of minutes before he went outside to approach Raph.

"... Raph? Are... Are you alright?" He asked with extreme concern.
Raph was somewhere else, you could tell by the look in his eyes. Glanced over, far away in memories. When he heard Donnie’s voice his head snapped up and his gaze centered on the olive turtle. "Yeah... Sorry," he shook his head. "Yeah, I'm alright. It's just..." He closed the few steps between them. He gently stroked Don's upper arms. "Life's too short to keep living in fear." There was a story here.
Don can see how distant and deep Raph's thought can show in his beautiful eyes. When he is closer enough to touch his partner. "I'm not to pry in your very personal life, Raph. But if you feel sharing it, I'm just here. Your eyes are showing something, Raph." Don spoke softly and sat down.
laughed. "I don't think we can get more personal than what we just did on that bed." He kept standing, his boy agitated. "It's uhm... Old scars." Where to begin, he thought. "I told you I had a temper when I was younger, right?"
"Oh... Yes..." Don nodded as he let his partner talk it out. He shared his fear to Raph and he felt better that one knows and sort of understands it. He can tell about the temper part, as Raph is always in a shitty mood in the office. He knew that Raph is aware that he had to increase his patience and must control his anger.

Yet, it's not Raph's fault that he had one short temper. Don reassessed himself, he had cracks and faults to himself.
"I wasn't always as... well mannered as I am now, if you can believe it." Things bubbled just beneath the surface inside of him. He took a long and deep breath. "My last years in high school... Let's just say not a bunch of people saw me in my classes. Almost didn't graduate thanks to it. I had friends. Friends that got me in trouble. You have no idea how mad Leo was about me skipping school for being out on the streets looking for trouble." He paced around some more, his temper firing up again when he thought about it. "One time I got in a fight, wasn't the first one either. But it was a bad one. Almost didn't make it home alive. Leo had to patch me up." Raph suddenly bunched up a fist and slammed it into the wall. The wall held, but just barely.
Don just stared at the revelation. he noticed Raph had this rebellious streak when he argued with Leo earlier. "Oh Raph…" He said as he enclosed the bigger turtle with an embrace.
Raph rested his forehead against Don's shoulder. It felt nice having him here. He flexed his fingers and noticed his knuckles were bruised. "I didn't leave home in days after that..." He admitted with a low voice. "I was too scared. Leo pulled me out of it though. He made sure I faced those fears. Conquered them. Helped me get back on track and back to school... Haven't looked back since."
Don smiled when Raph reciprocated his affection. He rubbed Raph's bruises using his thumbs as he held his rough hands. No wonder Raph said he implied he is a weak one back then.

He closed his eyes. He remembered he tried protecting a young boy like him after he got saved by him. The blow that kid covered from him was really deadly. They ran away from the fight scene after, he tried to help but the kid just shrug it off.

"I remember a brave boy back then. He saved me before from bullies. I wanted to be like him, to be strong. I did tried my best. Yet in the end, I had fear of riding bikes and had a hard time conquering it." He spoke as he nuzzled to his broad shoulder.
"I'm sorry Donny." Raph was watching their hands. "I ain't gonna push you into something you don wanna do."
"It's okay, Raphie... I..." He blushed. "I wanted to conquer it with you..." He said as he embraced tighter. When he released his hold, "I wonder where is that kid that saved me. I never had the chance to thank him because he ran away." He added. "All I could remember is that he had a  scar on his chest."

"Anyway, we can test the bike tomorrow. We can stay at the house the whole day if you want. We can watch movies, tinker the bike..." He blabbered again.
"Sure," Raph said squeezing his little turtle friend. "It's down in the garage?" He'd loved to see what Don had been building.
Don nodded as he guided Raph the way to the garage.
"I’m so sorry its messy," he apologized as his projects are all over the place.

In the middle of the room there stood a red bike, similar to Raph’s bike poster, difference is there are little tanks of NOS still needed installation.
"Well I'll be damned." Raph said and admired the bike as he walked around it. "You built this yourself?"
Don fiddled his fingers. "Uhm... Yes." he muttered. " I know it’s not that... Uhm good."
"Don!" Raph gave him a short glare before his eyes went back to study the bike. He didn't like how Don always though less of himself. "I've built my own bikes for years now. I know what kind of work it takes. This is really great for only using spare parts. Incredible even." Raph reached over to caress the red bike, but his hands stopped midway, like he was almost shy to.
Don smiled. "Well test it tomorrow... If you want to." He blushed after, he loved how his boss giggle about bikes, especially to his work.
"God yes. It'd be a ride to remember," Raph grinned widely with a childish glint in his eyes. He finally touched the bike, very carefully as if touching a dog or a cat for the first time. Careful as to not scare it away he followed it's curves and touched here and there, getting familiar with its design.
Don smiled. "I think I got too much NOS that’s why I crashed myself into a tree..." He said, blushing. "How did yo get into this business anyway?"
Raph shrugged. "Always liked bikes. The adrenalin of going really fast... I took a mechanic class in high school. Helped me... kept me off the streets to have a hobby. so I started building them. Scavenged for parts in the junkyard. Got a job, bought the parts I couldn't find or build myself... Then Leo got into business school and we decided to make a living out of it. I built them and he sold them. Was small at first... But then... Yeah... People liked my work I guess... Sometimes I miss those days. I hardly get to tinker anymore." He was going over the bike as he talked. Pulled some here and pressed some there. Feeling his way through it.
"Well..." He said as he got his toolbox. "We can tinker in the weekends." He said as he offered his wrench to Raph.
He knew that paperwork and business things are not his thing. No wonder it all resulted to a grumpy Raphie.
Raph was giddy at the thought. "I'd love that." He took the wrench and sat down on his haunches. "Figure we could start just..." He grunted as he tightened a bolt he noticed was loose. "... Making sure it works and then, well... see if it starts up."
Don just watched him fix and tinker the parts needed to be done. He stared at the grunted face, then gazed at those toned muscles flexing. his reddish shade on his cheeks intensified.
Raph felt Don's eyes on him. He liked it. Maybe he flexed a bit extra just for his sake. He got back up on his feet, flipping the wrench in his hand. He put it aside and  mounted the bike. "Let’s see what happens if we turn it on then..." The bike flexed nicely under his weight. He turned the key and gave a bit of gas. It started to rumble beneath him. "Oh yeah..." He grinned. And he let up on the throttle to hear the engine roar. It was a bit off, but not much.
Don's got more visible. Damn he's hot.
"Needs more cranking." He said as he got the wrench again yet he imagined the dream Raph had of having sex with him on the bike. He whimpered thinking about it.
Raph heard the whimpering. He knew that sound now. A broad satisfied grin spread across his lips. The leather seat beneath his ass felt very nice all of a sudden. He caught Don's eyes and with a suggestive glint in his eyes he gave some more gas and the engine roared again.
Don quickly looked down, fidgeting his fingers as he moved closer to his superior. He wanted to touch those strong biceps, he didn’t tell Raph he had a little fetish to people who had strong arms that he can cling to.
Raph let the engine return to idle and waited for Don.
Don slowly and a little hesitated to go closer because of his fear. he gently and slowly went to Raph’s side.
"Hey hun," Raph said and grabbed Don's hand and squeezed it gently.
Don giggled. "Hey, dear." He softly said and pecked his lips to Raph's cheek.
Raph smiled and inched back a bit on the bike seat. "Wanna join me?" He asked and patted the leather in front of him.
Raph's Assistant RP 5 [RP with Nina]
Warning: Turtlecest (Raph x Don), OFFICE AU, sexy times, a lot of typos and mistakes as this is a RP and I mostly do it on mobile, gayness, bad language, muns being SO RANDOM.

RP with :iconninalanfer:!

And we're aware that they had sex so many times ahahah we had lady boners when we RP this. Also, I want this Don to be a little obsessive.

Previous -
Next - 
Swamp Date by xenelle055
Swamp Date
This is a very, very late birthday gift. God, took me the whole night to finish this haha my hands hurt

For :iconfrankenpup:
So I received a thing where DA removed 2 of the Xenken chapters. I had a feeling that this is a start of something so you all know where I usually go to see updates of my stories.
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RaphxDon and LeoxMikey Stamp by NaruButt


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