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Well, here is my creations! :la: Not that good though, hope you check and like it!!


My favorites (they are awesome!) from my fellow deviants!


Star Cover by xenelle055
Star Cover
The thing I made for the fanfic Star 

I'm happy at the buildings and the moon ahaha

Painted this in one layer.
November 1, also known as All Saints Day. A couple is walking on a field to their meeting point, a huge apple tree. It is nighttime, above the sky is a luminous moon and a vast of twinkling stars, down below is little yellow lights flickering, like fireflies, far away from theirs. It is a tradition to take a visit to their love ones who passed away, bringing flowers and candles, even food and drinks. To others, it can be treated as a family reunion and as reminisce when the person was still alive.

The coated man placed a blanket under the tree while his partner placed their things, a basket, a bouquet of flowers and a bag. They are both seated together. In front of them is a small ebony gravestone.
Rigel Hamato

September 25, 2008 – October 29, 2012

The brightest star that showers love, the one we always known.

Yesterday, the father cleaned the place and made sure they'll stay there, rain or not. This is the same place where they are stargazing together as one of their secret rendezvous to their forbidden relationship.

The mother placed the flowers to the vases beside the tomb. "There you go, baby, fresh white roses for my little dumpling." He said after arranging them. The father then opened the basket, revealing two red apples and some grapes.

"Here ya go kiddo, I know ya're hungry. I got yur favorites." He placed them on the tomb while the mother is lighting the red and purple candles. Both of them placed his favorite stuffed toys, a bunny with a purple bow on its neck and a kitty with red lace bracelets.

"We brought your toys so you can play on them."

They are giving their son's favorites, his favorite flowers, toys, colors and food which showed in little detail he is indeed their son.

It was an accident how he lived and he is the one who paid for their mistakes. They both stared at the tomb, hoping their little angel is happy to the things they gave. The couple looked above the dark sky. A bright star is there, twinkling like it's always been. It's their favorite star because they always see it every time they are stargazing.

"He's there again, Raphie. Always watching us."

"I know, Don."
Many years ago, they are having the biggest argument yet in Don's room. They already been accepted by their own family, yet as their father said, they didn't acknowledge enough as Rigel's parents. Don doesn't want to settle down with Raph because of being afraid to get broken hearted again and Raph avoiding his responsibilities. They threw the harshest words, even saying that their son is not supposed to exist and they will be in a better place if he remained there as they are not supposed to have a child in the first place.

It hurt Rigel's feelings very bad, he just celebrated his birthday a month ago and his only wish is for his parents to be together again. Rigel knew it's his fault why they are in this situation. He ran away in the sewers despite his parents' yelling to stop. He is crying and ran as fast as he can. He stopped when he bumped into someone and picked him up. He didn't know these guys, yet he felt scared. He screamed "Mama! Papa!".

His parents saw he is being taken away. They tried to get to him but no avail.

Rigel's parents went on a big banter again until they decided to temporary team up and save their kid. It's not their son's fault as they realized what they've done.

They saw a horrific sight of their son in a tube. The mother hacked the system to release him and did it successfully. They tried to escape but a lot of these adversaries showed up. The father, being the strongest, did his best to fight off so his mate and his son can have more time. Yet, it failed.

The mother had no choice. Their only mission is their son to be safe, even if their lives are at stake, as this was their fault.

"Rigel, baby, listen to me. I want you to run as fast as you can, don't look back, just return to our home. We will catch up. GO!"

Rigel is crying again. He had this unsettling feeling that something bad will happen. He ran and ran. He thought along the way, he loves them very much.

The father is being restricted down while the mother is in pain, as they are being cornered by the adversaries. A laser dagger was being pointed at the mother. His mate screamed as the dagger is getting closer to his plastron.

A relentless sob was heard. "Ma… Ma…"

His Mom's eyes are widened, same as his Dad's. Blood was flowing out to his frail, small body. He is crying, he didn't feel heroic instead he felt endless pain.

Then everything is a blur. He heard them screaming his name, he heard his father shouted in immense anger, he heard his Mom pleading him to stay awake.

His golden eyes opened and they are in the sewers. His parents' are trying to run as fast as possible, probably to heal him. But he is too tired yet he wanted them to stop running for a while and they did.

He put his left hand to his father, his right hand to his mother and made them hold their hands. He never wanted powers and strength like them, he never wanted to be the special one, he never wanted to be a hero like Nightwatcher. He just wanted a simple family. He only wanted them to be happily together because he'd seen their hardships and he really knew they loved each other. He isn't supposed to exist. He is only a freak accident. Yet, he wanted to let them know he loves them very much.

Rigel smiled then everything went blank.

He opened his eyes again. He is in soft bedding with a lot of wires in his body. He tried to look around and didn't see his Papa and Mama. He felt too tired and want to sleep, yet he wanted to see his family. At the door window, he saw his father and mother hugging each other outside. His tears flow freely, even his vision got a lot worse, he never saw them having affections, like kissing or hugging.

Rigel is very happy. It's enough if it's the final sight he'll see.

"Baby, stay for Mama… Don't leave Mama alone, Rigel… Please…"

"Kid, don't do this to us, please! Rigel! We love ya…"

The mother cried, remembering the fateful day still up to this present. His mate just enclosed him with his strong arms and pulled in a hug. The father is in misery as well. Even a year after their son's death, the regret and sadness still lingered.

"Rigel… My baby… I missed you so much…"

"I missed him, too…"

The father had little tears from his eyes. It's in his instinct not to be emotional, as he is the alpha in their little family. But he never forgets the smile of their son's face, the smile he should've kept it going. The smile he should protect but couldn't because of his stupidity and heartlessness.

He rubbed Don's back to calm him down. He vowed to stay beside his mate. He promised Rigel he'll make this family happy. Don had little break downs for a while but not as worse as before but he understood it very well. Their son is right, they really love each other.

"You know, Rigel… I have news for you… Papa and I are going to get married!" Don showed his necklace with a ring to the tombstone. The wind blows and the bunny stuffed toy swayed down. "I want my precious dumpling to the wedding… I really wanted you to be the ring bearer…" The mother sobbed again. They knew Rigel will be so happy that finally, they are going to seal their bond at last. "As I said many times, we're sorry, my baby… We know you will not forgive us… And we understand."

"But we wanted ya to know, we really love ya… And we miss ya… So much… Ya will always be my little boy. Our little star… Don, he wants us happy! Stop cryin'… He will be angry if his Mama is cryin' again."

"I know, Raph… Sorry…"

They smiled as Don placed his head on his mate's shoulder. The presence of their son still remained wherever they go. They had a reason to keep this family he loves intact.

The toys moved a little to the sway of the wind as a little spirit with wings on his back is very happy that the family he is guarding and watching is still there.

Welcome to the story "Star".

This is a different course from the story "Exist", to understand it, please read this first. I want you to know that this story is not in the actual story line, as I created it because of the scenery when I took a visit to the cemetery earlier. But this will give you a sort of parallel in the future chapters of what "might" happen. We can say this is a little similar to the SAINW verse. Like a "what if" story or another alternate event.

Please respect as I'm writing "difficult" themes. Thank you.
Warning: Turtlecest, character death, mpreg (Rigel), RaphxDon

This a branch in the story Exist that I wrote way back. Sorry, I'm being random that time ahaha

Raph's POV:

After lanes in the sewers I finally reached the secret compartment that had access to the lair. I remembered Donnie used to build things for their protection and even entertainment. He always thinks of the welfare of their family than himself.

I remembered when he gave me the Shell Cycle during our first monthsary in being together.

I was very happy. I still had it till this day, taking care of it and all.

"Look who came back after his vigilante duties." You guessed it. The fearless leader.

"Shut up, Leo. I need to talk to Master."

"About what? You came home very late, Raph! It's early in the morning! You said-!"

"It's about Don."

Man, I really hate it when Leo becomes a mother hen. I had to tell the truth to shut him up. I saw Mikey at the kitchen door, seemed he heard the conversation as well by his expression.

"You… You found him?!"

Don's POV:

I didn't realize I fell asleep beside my dumpling. I had to talk to him later when he's calmed down about the relocation. I went to the kitchen to cook bacon and eggs as breakfast while checking my mail in the laptop… That I rigged of course. After setting down the food I read an email…

It's from the company I applied. I got accepted! Finally! I have a job as tech support! Woohoo!

"Mama?" I turned back. Awww… Such a cute baby, he always reminded me of his father when he is sleepy. It made my mood go down again now that I remembered Raph. But, this is a good day. I finally had a job. I will have no problem scrounging for food and toys for my baby. I can improve the place as well with more aesthetics.

"Good morning, baby." I said while helping Rigel sat on his high chair and then I gave him a plate of bacon and eggs. Also with a glass of apple juice, his favorite drink. "Good news, baby. Mama had a job now!"

I saw my son giggled. He knew Rigel will understand little but he seemed happy as well. I sat down while I feed him with a spoon. "Baby…"

"I found another good place we can live. Do you want there?"

Of course I expected Rigel's answer is a decline. "Mama… Love… Stay… Here!" He sniffled.

This is bad. "O-Okay! Baby! I'm just asking! No need to cry…" He stopped crying as I rubbed his little shell. "We will stay here." I reassured him then starting feeding him again. I sighed. I just have to tighten the security protocols.

Raph's POV:

"I found him, Sensei."

My two other brothers were kneeled beside me. I remembered the state of the lair. We really tried our best to maintain it, especially the security. Many things are broken now that we haven't able to use it. We just realized then, that we took advantage of him. It made me feel guiltier. It felt I only used him for everything.

We need him.

I… I need him.

"... Donatello, my son… I'm happy he has been found."

"What should we do, Sensei? Should we visit him?" Mikey asked.

Sensei closed his eyes and sighed.

"Knowing my intelligent son, he will keep himself hidden further now that Raphael founded him. He is still hostile towards to him. There is a high possibility he will be to me and your brothers."

It's basically saying it is my entire fault this happened. I made Don broken hearted. I made him ran away.

"I… I found something else, Sensei."

All eyes are on me, they gasped when they heard Don had a son. Sensei still remained composed.

"I don't know who this mate is…" I really don't know. I want to know, even though I don't have the right to it.

"It's weird though, he must've had contact with someone to deliver the child. Well, you did mention the kid is a mutant like us… So maybe, he still had contact to the people who knew us." I looked at Leo. It clicked on me. It made sense.

Don is not stupid enough to not speculate the result of the baby, either with human or other mutant as his mate. Don taught some lessons about genetics to the family because of the form we had.

"You mean… One of our friends knows where Don is all along?" Mikey said.

"Yeah, I had a feeling I know who he asked."

Don's POV:

My little dumpling is being happy as usual that he watched news again about the Nightwatcher. After that, he watched some wrestling. Such uncanny resemblances to his father.

I really wanted to relocate, to remain hidden now that Raphael had found us. I don't want any more drama and such. Knowing my family, he will ask me so many questions. He might've had told the family about this. But I can't move because Rigel enjoyed here. Rigel is my little world now. Not them. I exiled myself to them because I disgraced them.

I smiled hearing Rigel's giggles when his favorite wrestler just defeated his opponent. I did told him that his father was a wrestler before, well sort of, when Raph got in a ruckus in this wrestling match he went with Leo. It made the little one very happy. He must've thought his father is really a wrestler.

I haven't told my son the nature that we had. All he knew is he and I had to hide. He didn't know I'm a practitioner of martial arts but he did saw me doing warm ups, to keep my body in shape. Sometimes, he liked to join too. Even though he mostly crawl and still practicing standing up, I only move his chubby little arms and the little bun is just giggling.

Oh dear, little one is getting cranky now the show is over.

Leatherhead POV:

I'm very glad my friend Donatello got hired in his job. He always finds a way to get what had to get done. I heard from him that Raphael had found him and his son wanted to stay. Even I don't know what he must do, as he had to consider his son's wishes.

He is aware of my feelings towards him. But I knew he will not reciprocate it and I understand.

As his heart got captured by another.

I had to admit, I would've had sent Raphael in the stretcher if Donnie didn't stopped me. Despite how Don hates to talk about his past relationship with him or his denying that he still holds feelings, I knew he still cares to Raphael.

I held this secret for many months as I'm the one who usually checks up on Donatello when he was… Pregnant. I'm glad his son is healthy and well. Such a spirited and an intelligent one like his… Mother.

Despite of that, I had to disregard my feelings and continue to support my friend. Right now, he is chatting with me via Skype.

Donatello Hamato: Oh dear… Rigel is getting cranky again. I'll go back later.

Leatherhead: Alright, see you later.

He got offline after. I noticed my mug is empty. I stood up to get some tea when I felt presences and a knock at the door.

I opened.

"Hi, LH!" Mikey greeted. I saw Leonardo smiling and Raphael with his usual frowned face and arms crossing.

"Oh, what brings you here?" I asked and let them in.

"We would like to ask you… About Donatello."
Exist Ch. 7
Welcome to the story "Exist", it's an RaphxDon mpreg/turtlecest/AU sort of fanfic. Please respect as I'm experimenting writing "difficult" themes. Thank you.
Warning: Turtlecest, RxD, sex, mpreg, Rigel!
So this is the first RxD mpreg story. Yes, this is Rigel's first appearance in a fic. This was released a year ago under the name Clara the Writer cause I was scared of revealing I had an OC and the fact I'm writing a mpreg.
The writings there are shorter and in POVs, as I'm experimenting writing.

The recent chapter.

Prev: Exist Ch. 6
Current WIPs by xenelle055
Current WIPs
My current WIP for now.

Embrace Ch. 21 - Fast forward to the comeback concert
Home Ch. 1 - About Raph being a soldier fighting in a war with his significant other waiting for him to come home
Heaven Sweet Heaven - SAINW inspired story (Just thought of the plot last night)
Exist Ch. 8 - Interrogation chapter
So I'm planning to favorite all of the fanfics I fancy so I can reread them again in an easy access. So, if you see random likes from me, that means I reread it A LOT every night ahahaha

Also, I really need help in tracking this fanfic I read a few weeks ago. It's kinda amusing because it's about Raph having his dick broken ahaha if I could remember Don placed an ice pack after Raph fainted XD If someone gave me the title and the writer I'm thankful.
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