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Well, here is my creations! :la: Not that good though, hope you check and like it!!


My favorites (they are awesome!) from my fellow deviants!


Rigel's Birthday! by xenelle055
Rigel's Birthday!
This is a late, late, obligatory art.

Rigel's creation is Sept. 25, 2013.

I will confess now that I wrote Exist, the first story where Rigel was in.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Rigel cocked his head in confusing. "Raphael? But Mama that’s Nightwatcher." Snuggling into his Mama’s chest. Being a child it took a bit longer to process. "Waittttt, baby boy?" he drawled. Raphael was the name of his Papa… Papa had yellow eyes just like him… Mister Nightwatcher had yellow eyes... And his name was Raphael… Raph was shocked to actually see Donnie reveal the fact so fast, but helped the kid who looked like he was struggling to process the information. "'s right kid. I’m yer pop."

Rigel’s face lit up and looked up at his mother with wide eyes in awe. "Nightwatcher’s my daddy?!" Raph gave a small snort and nodded to himself. "Yeah kid, yer mom and me are yer parents."
Donnie smiled. "All of this is my fault my baby... And Mama can’t keep it any longer... Mr. Nightwatcher is your Papa... Your real Papa... So why you need a new one?" Donnie embraced his son behind. "I know it will take time to sink in, my munchkin."
Rigel just stared at his so called parents, this is too much to process! Rigel's sight become blurry, similar to Don's case but with shock instead.

"Baby? Are you alright?..." Don asked worriedly as Rigel remained staring at them. His eyes closed and fell, luckily Raph catched the little one.
"I shouldn’t have said that..." Don muttered, with the saddest face of regret.
"Aye!" Raph said when rigel fell forward, starting to panic not knowing what to do when your kid just randomly passed out. "What happened?! Is 'e alright?!" but Donnie’s words help settle his panic, the squirt had only been overwhelmed by the news.

"No Donnie don' say dat, he needed ta know." Soothing his favorite brainy turtle, he had to try and keep his hands to himself but pulled the olive turtle into a side hug with Rigel in his other arm. " 'E was gonna figure out one way er anothah. He’s only freaked." He wanted nothing more than to smooch their beaks together and just ravage Donnie after all this time. But no was not the time or place.
Don made sure that Rigel only passed out and able to wake up. "He’s okay... Don’t worry.". Don reassured. "... Raph... I... I want to go somewhere with you... Can we stargaze? Us two only... Uhm... I can answer questions about... About our son..." Donnie stuttered. This was a first to Donnie, asking Raph to date, as everything is his fault. Might as well take initiative.

The little bundle woke up after a few minutes. He is not much shaken as earlier. "Mr. Nightwatcher... Is my... Papa." Rigel slowly said, then grinned as he ran to hug his biological Papa! It’s a very nice sight to see!
Raph became distracted by the shy act Donnie was putting one, cheeks a light pink asking for a date. He felt his heart flutter at the sight and dipped down to place kiss on donnies cheek, "Course we can Donnie, 's long as ya promise ya ain’t gonna run off again." Pressing their foreheads together lightly, god he missed this. it had been so long since he had been anywhere near Donnie, and it was really a struggle just to kiss him breathless.

Of course Rigel had to ruin the moment and woke back up, noticing the closeness of his mama and dad- Oh yeah! After the information processed he giggled. "I knew you liked Nightwatcher, Mama!" He hugged his Mom happily, then running wiggling over to Raphael who laughed and scooped him up to sit on his shoulder. "Heee- Heck yeah kid.  Ya like mah matches so much right? Guess what? Ya can come wit me to all of dem if ya want." Grinning when Rigel nearly squealed in delight. "I got my Daddy, and it’s the Nightwatcher!" He giggled hugging his 'new daddy' around the neck.
Donnie squeaked at Raph's kiss. He blushed very hard that its very visible, he only nodded at the promise Raph made him do. That he will never run away again.

He giggled at their little angel being happy that at last, he found his Papa Raphael. It’s sweet and endearing seeing them three together again.

That night, April came to babysit Rigel as the now couple again will have their star gazing date. "Alright Papa, remember to give Mama flowers and tell him he's pretty!" Rigel said, giving advice before they left. Donnie shyly sat on the car as Raph went to the driver's seat.
Raph couldn’t wipe his stupid little smile from his face the entire time. Donnie fucking agreed to stay, he would have to grow some balls to be a dad however. On the inside every time he so much looked at Rigel he panicked not knowing what to do. But it got him this far. Like promised Raph drove them out to their old meeting spot when they first had a date. a small field area just minutes from Raph’s own home. After Rigel’s little tips on wooing Donnie he had a stash of flowers in the back he planned on magically giving to Don. Getting out they walked side by side and while Donnie set down a blanket he returned to get the flowers, offering them to his still being waifu. "Here Donnie, thought ya deserved these." Smirking at the flush blossoming across the olive turtle’s beak.
"Uhmm... T-thank you." Donnie stuttered as he accepted them. They are seated next to each other. The dark sky is very clear tonight, Don smiled as the Orion constellation is there again, with the Rigel star shining.
"... It’s been a while, Raph... I... I thought I’ll remain hidden forever. I really tried raising... Our son well-" Donnie shivered by the cool wind that flies to them. He felt blanket surrounded them both, which caused Don to blush again. "... My job is not enough to sustain him... Sometimes I skip meals for him to eat, I never told him though... That one, you’ll do the same... That’s why my immunity is a little... Low these past months..." He explained, the reason why he kept passing out, like the event in the Nightwatcher match that caused him to be exposed to Raph.
Raph pulled Donnie close as he explained himself. "As much as I an still kinda pissed ya walked out, I dun blame ya Donnie boy." Rubbing the other’s arms to keep him warm inside the blanket. "Ya know I ain’t good with words an shit." He chuckled seeing a smile small forming on those soft looking lips. "But ya shoulda told me, even if dat squirt wasn’t meant ta happen I wouldn’t ta dumped dah responsibility on ya." Sighing slightly at the mushy words. "Nevah thought bout havin a family, but aye, better than nevah right?" Snorting slightly to himself when he noticed the constellation in the sky. "Ya dun gotta worry bout money now Donnie, as long as ya with me I’m gonna fatten ya back up/" smirking at the huff he received.
"I didn’t mean that I must be fat!" Donnie huffed, now a little upset. He remembered having mood swings when he was pregnant, crying to the fact he got wider. He crossed his arms and pouted, and is similar like Rigel's. "And... Having a kid wasn't our plan... I know you don't want much responsibilities. I really wanted to adopt but I feel you will be not in favor... I tried to raise Rigel, being his father... And mother. I tried giving everything he wanted yet..." Donnie's tears fell down, telling all of his emotions and confiding to the turtle he trusted the most. "... I can't even tell him who is his father... I know I’m not a good parent… I tried keeping my dark secret everyday, no matter how curious he is."
Donnie sniffled as he is being surrounded by dark emerald arms.
"I see you in our son..."
Raph quickly took back his words as a joke. " M just plain Donnie, ya just look a lot skinnier than before." He soothed with a hesitant kiss, Raph always believed actions speak louder than words. "Shit Donnie, dat squirt is a great kid. Ya far from a bad parent." Gritting his teeth slightly when Don became to cry. Gathering the smaller turtle in his lap to hold him close beneath the starry sky. "I get why ya did it Donnie boy, it’s alright, dun cry."
Donnie made an "oh" sound and smiled at Raph's compliments, also the fact Raph understands now why Don did it.
"He's a great kid because he got his Papa's genes." Don said, then squeaked when Raph put him on his lap. He felt hubby's warmness and being cozy. "Isn’t this a little... Too fast? But considering we are married already..." Don giggled cutely. "So, Raph, do you have questions about Rigel?"
Raph did roll his eyes, "Yer crazy if ya think I’m gonna sit here and keep mah hands ta mahself aftah not seein ya fer so long." He teased slightly resting his beak in the olive turtles neck harmlessly. "Dun act like dun like it Donnie boy."

Raph hummed at the question and thought for a moment. "When was 'e born? And how did that squirt get inta watchin me box?" Holding his precious Donnie close. He usually want much of a cuddler, but not being able to just hold Donnie in so long was finally getting to him.
Donnie blushed hard at Raph's intimate comment. Don placed his head on Raph's as a reply. He missed sharing romantic actions with his husband yet they are still taking it slow.

"Well... He was hatched around September 25th... Well, I always... Watch your matches in TV, even before Rigel got born. Whenever you do your pose, I always felt the egg moved." Don giggled. "Then I wasn’t surprised when Rigel loves your matches, and included being a boxer or a MMA fighter in one of his dream list."
Raphael cocked a grin at the thought. "Heh, wish I coulda see him as an egg." He sighed it really would have been very amazing to hold that little egg; and watch him hatch from the confines of his shell. "He really is mah kid then, even in his shell he wanted ta be a boxer." His smirk morphing into a grin. "That’s mah boy." Nearly laughing in delight when Donnie gave in to comfortably rest against him. "What was it like when dah lil guy hatched?"
"... I’m sorry... But I had a bunch of pictures of him as an egg..." Don smiled. Donnie giggled at Raph's comment of saying Rigel is his boy. "Uhm... He’s the cutest lil thing. I didn’t knew he will grow very well. He likes you very much as a boxer... He snores a little, he hugs me when he sleeps, he eats cereal... He throws short tantrum a lot... His egg fell from a table because he is wobbling and wanted to get out, it caused him to have a crack at his shell.”
Donnie said, indicating that all of Rigel's qualities is mostly not from him. as Donnie had said, I see you in our son.
"Although he wanted to be an astronomer as well... I prefer my son being an intelligent little munchkin but he can be both. He can be an astronomer who kicks butt." Donnie said, laughing while finally hugging his big husband.
Raph could feel his heart sore when Donnie made the first move and hugged him close, hugging him back just as tightly. "Naw babe, I dun want that squirt takin on my hobby, 's to damagin," he sighed. "But I sure as hell will teach him how ta kick ass." Grinning at the thought.

"Es like a mini me, but he looks like ya." Pecking Don’s shoulder with his beak. "Was wonderin bout that crack, least he’s alright. Now we match." Laughing as he pointed to his own crack in his plastron. "He can be a spaceman, fly ta orion."
Donnie smiled as the embrace got tighter, that buff body covering him. He never liked violence, which is the bottomline of the opinion he had said to Raph before. But for the sake of self defense, he will agree.
Donnie smiled as the embrace got tighter, that buff body covering him. He never liked violence, which is the bottomline of the opinion he had said to Raph before.

Don moaned when Raph kissed his shoulder. Maybe to Raph’s eyes, he sees Don instead of himself to him. He giggled. "Yup! He'll see Rigel as well." The mother said while they stare together at the sky.
"... Raph... I... Still love you." He very nervously said while staring down at their feet.
The atmosphere got a bit strange after all this time, but the boxer pushed through it. "Love ya too Donnie boy." He rumbled to him. "Nice ta here it again." He added softly, he liked to hear verbally things going on in Don’s head. It was frustrating not to hear the words I love you from Don’s lips for a long time. As embarrassing as it was, he wanted to hear it not just feel it. Ironic for someone who thought actions speaks louder than words. "Missed ya all dat time Donnie, was weird wakin up ta an empty bed."
Don is glad that he ain’t the only one who is lonely. He snugged closer as Raph said he missed him being by his side, made him squeaked and blushes all the way. "I... I miss you too..." Don said, before he can do anything else, he was met by Raph's lips.
Raph was surprised to say the least, but didn’t question the soft, hesitant press of their beaks. Instead it took less than a second for him to snap, pressing back hungrily and bringing the olive turtle closer in his lap. Only to pull away and smirk at the wide eyed look on those auburn eyes. "Been wantin ta do that since I saw ya." He teased, rubbing his thumbs in soothing circles along the others sides. "Whaddya say we head back home aye?" Having glanced at his phone only to realize it was getting late. Rigel should be in bed by now, at least he hoped- wait a second- since when did he become a dad so fast? Shit yo. shaking his head Raph got a little idea, and instead of waiting for a response got to his feet, forcing Donnie to wrap his legs around his waist or the threat of falling was inevitable.
"Raphie!" Don squeaked as he clings to his dear life, realizing what just happened of wrapping himself to Raph's waist, specifically his crotch. Don's cheeks became hot by the very dirty images in his mind. His husband never changed, always a some sort of a sex god whenever he wants to.
As they got home, Don decided to have a light meal with Raph, sort of a second part of the date, only to find only beers in the fridge.
The emerald turtle offered to sleep on the couch if Donnie still wasn’t ready to just back into the close proximity. But he raised a brow when Donnie found nothing but beer in the fridge. "Ah, yeaaahh. fergot 'bout all dat." He chuckled nervously. He really shouldn’t be drinking on a boxer’s diet and exercise. He really should be eating than drinking but it helped distract him from Donnie’s disappearance. "Aye watcha gonna do. wanna drink to celebrate?"
Donnie frowned. He knew Raph shouldn't drink any alcoholic drinks as it would affect his performance as a professional boxer. "Raph, you do know you need proper food and exercise to maintain your energy right?" Donnie sighed, though he understands that Raph resorted to beer before, the time where his father, Splinter, had gone missing. He remembered that Raph was sober that time and needed support.
Maybe he got into this again because he'd gone missing?
"Well, since it's here already, maybe we should just drink it? To celebrate... That Rigel found his Papa." Donnie smiled as he took out a couple of beers and placed it on the table. Luckily, the cabinet had some chips to eat with it as well.
Rolling his eyes snorted. "Yeah, yeah, Donnie, I get the speech from Leo." Waving it off but happily took and offered bottle and clanked it against Don’s. "Sure, fer dat squirt and fer me gettin ta be a dad." He chuckled, he had no idea how he would think about that in the morning, but hell it was time to let loose. Popping the cap off with ease and took a decent swig, relishing the slight burn, and munched on the chips. "Damn, ya drinkin? I must be goin crazy." He teased.
"I told you it's only for celebration!" Donnie huffed, showing the cute pout. "And of course I drink this but I do not recommend it." He explained, as he took a gulp. He remembered that memory that first date, the first date he encountered ever, that beer is included in a date.
He toasted his bottle with Raph's as they both chugged in. Two bottles became four, six (sex), eight and so on. Until Donnie's mind swayed and so out of league.

"Well! I'll have you know Mr. Hamato, I did not *hic* sleep with anybody during my *hic* disappearance! How could I when I have *hic* such a sexy *hic* husband?" Donnie purred. His actions are so not Donnie in sane state. "Remember when we dance... *hic*" But instead of a slow pace of dance, he swayed his hips lewdly and using his naginata, he rubbed himself against it as he continued to dance. His husband seemed to be pleased in what he sees. He giggled and laughed, most of all, the words coming from his mouth is so not coming from the normal Donatello.
Raph had himself a nice buzz going on, and in his buzz he smirked. "Yeah?" He chuckled. "Ya didn sleep wit anyone huh?" He purred at the sight, Donnie grinding himself, oh what a lovely sight it was. Being in his own buzz wasn’t 100% aware of what they were doing. "Why dun ya gimme a show then?" He grinned, rumbling deeply at the thought and brought their beaks together for a quick kiss before taking a seat on the couch to watch his little drunken waifu.
The waifu giggled and sat on Raph's lap, grinding his hips to his and swayed it while clinging by holding those large shoulders. Donnie licked his lips when he heard his husband grumbled and sighed. It's official, Donnie's brain is out of the window.
"You know *hic* dear, I love it when you speak *hic* very naughty and dirty to me in that honeymoon~" Donnie purred when his hands wandered around the boxer's sides and pecked his lips. But he got a little surprised that Raph kissed him after that, but this time, it's full of passionate lust.
The emerald turtle growled approvingly at his drunk waifu’s secrets. "Ya like dirty talk huh?" He churred possessively grabbing hold of those delectable thighs and squeezed. Pressing their hips together tightly, Raph wasted no time in claiming Donnie’s lips in a fiery kiss, and suddenly stood with a bit of a wobble and headed to the bedroom. "I’ll give ya the dirty talk them baby."
Donnie purred in delight as he got carried by his husband to their bedroom, that finally, it will be occupied for two instead of one.
The wife knew that his husband is on the brink of lavishing him head on. "Well, show me what you got, Papa~" Donnie smirked as he got thrown in their soft large bed and a big shadow hovered over him, ready to claim him again and again.
Donnie leaned up and kissed those lips again hungrily, as he rarely does initiative in sex. He felt those hot kisses on his jaw to his neck and shoulders. "Oh, Papa Raphie~" Don churred.
Raph rumbled in delight at the others happily slurred words. Somehow a bit turned on at the pet name growled right into the other’s ear, hands grabbing Donnie’s buttcheeks possessively. "Bettah hold on babe, 's gonna be a hell of a ride." Grinning in delight as a mischievous idea formed, pulled Donnie’s thighs up so they were on either side of his head, though it was a weird angle on Donnie, he got right to work. And what a gorgeous sight, that wagging tail quivering in anticipation and that puckering eager hole. "Say my name, Donnie." Before he dove to rim Donnie, playing with his tail to keep it out of the way.
Donnie felt weird that he is too exposed by how high his hips to Raph's right now, but he doesn’t mind.
"Oh Raph~ Raph~" Don smiled and churred by how Raph holds his sensitive tail. "Come on Papa Raphie~" He dared only to scream in delight when his mate shoved his cock to his entrance.
Raph churred in a dominating way, pressing his dick into Donnie’s now fully prepped ass. "Look at cha, all moanin and beggin fer my cock." He growled into Donnie’s ear fully intent of giving Donnie his dirty talk. Shuddering at the pleasured scream he got. Holding those sexy hips and rock Donnie to the very core, it had been so long since he was able to have Donnie under him; screaming his name. Right now he needed to get his lust out of his mind. "Ya like it huh? Ya like me fuckin ya wit my fat dick?" He teased, groaning in delight; speeding his thrusts.
Donnie withered and moaned under his husband boxer, while clinging to his broad shoulders. "Oh Raphie! Ahh! Ahh! Raph!" He churred, he felt that big rod going in and out of his entrance. "Uhn! Yes Raph! Ahn!" The four walls sees a reunited couple via moans, delightful screams, sound of slapping skin and pure pleasure. "Papa Raphie~! More~!"
Raph shuddered once again at the pleased cries going from Donatello. The bigger turtle forgot that they now had a kid sleeping soundly just a few doors down. "I’ll give ya more, I’ll fuck ya so hard ya wont 'member anythin but mah name." Churring deeply as he continue his pace, bringing their hips together in perfect harmony. Pushing his thick girth in and out of Donnie’s stretched hole. Suddenly smothering his beak over Donnie’s in a kiss, letting his hand drop to stroke Donnie’s forgotten erection.
Don can’t make intelligible sentences because all he sees is Raph dominating him. "Oh Raphie~ Yes! Ahh! Ahh! Please fuck your slutty waifu!" Don screamed, especially when his husband hit his prostate. He panted hard as Raph pumping his cock. Don liked the pampering he is receiving.
"Papa Raphie~ Your voice!" Donnie said as he is enjoying the touches and the sex talk. Don yells Raph's name when Raph fastened his pace.
Spreading Donnie’s beautiful legs wider to give himself more access, Raphael growled one final time. "'m gonna fill ya wit mah cum and make sure ya only evah want mah dick." With those words he watched Donnie’s eyes roll and mouth drop open as his orgasm hit him full force, coating Raph’s hand with his milky substance The boxer groaned in delight when Donnie’s muscles tightened around his cock and slammed their hips together a few more times before he came as well, coating his baby magic into Don’s insides; where it belonged. He collapsed, panting slightly trying to catch his breath. "H-holy shit." He breathed feeling more than sated, that was awesome, especially for someone drunk dude.
The pure force of pleasure made Don's sight got blank and barely open his eyes. The orgasm is really goooood~ He felt very full when Raph's cum filled him to the brim.
He can feel his husband collapsed beside him and felt the strong arms wrapping around him. His dick remained inside of him for a while before Raph popped it out.
Both are too exhausted as they got knocked out like a light.
Raph usually wasn’t one to fall asleep right after sex, usually he had to do it two or three times before he just fell asleep right away but damn if he didn’t feel like his body was suddenly like jelly. He barely had the strength to pull Donnie close before the two of them were out like lights thanks to the mind blowing sex, and drunken states.

In the wee early morning, Raph was snoring up a storm, only to wake and groan himself awake. Why was there coffee on the night stand?! He squinted at the note scribbled on it 'Think you both could use it, love April' He groaned again only to realize he wasn’t alone. Donnie was still sleeping in his arms and he could feel their naked bodies under the soft blankets… They had sex ohhhh yeahhh. He finally got the booty.
Don felt a throbbing headache when he roused. He lazily opened his eyes, only to see Raph staring at him. He wondered why Raph is a little close to his proximity. As he moved, he felt pain in his ass, he felt full. They are both in bed, had a headache, felt pain in lower regions and the bed sheets are wet. He froze.

They had sex.
Don squealed when he was being hugged and really panicked the fact that it’s started to sink in, all those acts he did. It’s a bit blurred but he knew some of it. And its so not him. He felt like he is... Raph's slut!!!
Raph kept a firm hold on Donnie’s form when he squealed and tried to pull away, but only pressed their lips together to silence him before he could say anything. "Calm down babe." He tried to sooth. "Ya ain’t makin mah headache any better." He said and was being serious. "Think April left ya some coffee and meds on the bedside table." He mumbled closing his eyes at the sun’s harsh light coming through the blinds. a little knock made Raph grumble and bury himself in Donnie’s neck, "Mama...?" Rigel popped his head in through the door fingering his blanket curiously seeing his parents in bed.
"B-But!!!" Don said as he sniffled by the lewd acts he little remembered. The dancing, his kink, the way Raph entered him... Also the fact April knew it as well! He instead tried to hide on Raph's chest when heard their bundle's little voice.
Rigel saw us being like this!
Xenken 4 [RP with FrankenPup]
Warning: Turtlecest (Raph x Don), AU, SEX (Very loud XD), mpreg, OC, a lot of typos and mistakes as this is a RP and I mostly do it on mobile, gayness, bad language, muns being SO RANDOM.

RP with :iconfrankenpup:!

This is the merge of Clara's Exist, my Embrace and Franken's ALIB. Last year, because of a headache, I thought of an idea of what if I merged Franken's ALIB to Embrace.

Prev - Xenken 3 [RP with FrankenPup]
Next - 
He felt his head swirled at the lights inside the hospital. The band members arrived after six hours of nerve wracking journey. His eyes are too tired from crying. The moment Mikey and April saw Donnie; he can’t keep his posture any longer. He cried on their arms as they embraced him.

While on the journey, Mikey is the one who did the calls of moving their gigs in a later date as Leo is too weak to do his job. Michelangelo then realized this job needs to be very attentive. No wonder Leo is a busy leader every day. Upon hearing the news, Leo wanted to do the job and is worried to his band mate, even though they argue a lot. To Mikey, Raph and Leo are like twins with opposite personalities.

The doctor came out after almost 8 agonizing hours of operation. The bands flocked around him as silent befallen. He announced that Raph is outside danger zone and is in the healing stage. When he is waking up is undetermined. Don’s world crashed down when there is a possibility that Raph will not remember anything.

The same thing that happened to him two years ago.

He is not the only one whose world got crashed down. Their friends and also, band mates as well. Raph will have to go back to square one. His life and career wise.
They have nothing to do except to wait and hope that Raph will be fine.

A week had passed. Don is still beside the patient. He had a bandage around his head and still unconscious. The band vowed to keep an eye to Don especially April, as she is still his guardian. April can’t blame Don, she felt and knew that Don had the old and new feelings to Raph. Don’s anger was completely forgotten, only to show in sadness and fear, the fear of losing his love.

Mikey still advising Leo to rest despite how stubborn Fearless Leader is. All of them are taking shifts to accompany Don with the exception of Leo because of Mikey’s request. It’s like Donatello is in the other dimension, he didn’t reply or acknowledge whenever someone talks to him with the exception of the hospital staff. The bands requested privacy in their official statement but flocks of the fans, mostly are guitar enthusiasts are outside the hospital, hoping that the lead guitarist will be okay.
Don spent the days and nights contemplating, thinking about Raph’s actions this past year. He only sighed as he rubbed his thumb to Raph’s hand.
“I made some soup.” Mikey said, smiling. Though, his smile is not as radiant as it was before because Raph is still not waking up for almost two weeks. Everybody is very affected to what happened. Leo will be stressed out in moving the schedules if not for Slash’s intervention as they don’t want another band member incapacitated.

“It’s my entire fault.” He finally spoke, making Mikey looked at him before focusing on arranging the utensils at the side table. He can hear Don’s shaky breaths. Don is on his limit after two weeks since the incident. Mikey felt Don is the strongest person, he withstand Raph’s usage and manipulation to him, he had an amnesia two years ago and now, he is still able to hold all his emotions after the outburst the time they had arrived. Mikey wished he is as strong as Don but he knew Don doesn’t think of that the same way.

“It’s not your fault.” Mikey sighed. ”It’s no one’s fault. Raph wanted to change and he knew the consequences. I’ll do the same thing to save Leo.” He spoke. “Raph does not want to see you like this, Donnie. He wanted his nerd to be happy and safe. You know, I’ve never seen Raph this happy. I always thought he felt something missing in his life and finding substitutes to fill that void.” He stared at the ceiling. He knew he got Don’s attention now. “Then, he finally found the one. You’re the only one who pulled his heartstrings.” Mikey gave the bowl of mushroom soup to Don, Don slowly accepts it.

“I keep observing the time you two met again, Raph felt you colored his life, you painted his love to you. I never saw him having devotion to anyone that powerful. He is faithful, always is, to his friends, although it’s not obvious. To his band… And to you.” He said and watched Don starting to take a spoonful of the food. It’s been days since Don had eaten. He only ate a little or nothing at all. Michelangelo is glad there is progress.

“I can’t blame your feelings. For me, they are justifiable and valid. I just hope that you acknowledged his presence to you. I think Raph accepts that you don’t trust him. But still, this action he did-”
“I love him…” He whispered. Mikey blinked and sees a broken man. “I still do.”
Mikey smiled.
“I suggest you say that first when he wakes up… With amnesia or not.”
It’s been three weeks and the band members are slowly losing hope. The so called “corporate goons” labeled by Casey, is getting irate, threatened to terminate their contracts. The band stood their grounds. This is their friend who is bedridden. They already accepted the hard truth this might be their last leg of their career but as long one of them is alright, they are fine with it.

Donnie still stayed beside Raph. He still talks to him, holds his hand and kisses his cheek. He sometimes tells stories and sings. There are times he is encouraging, there are times he is depressed and there are times he cried, begging for him to wake up. And this is one of times.
“Raphie…” He sobbed. “Wake up for me please… I don’t care if you don’t remember anything. I want to see your eyes again...”
“I… I admit I’m not ready to forgive you… I’m sorry…” He rubbed Raph’s hand.
“But… I love you… I still am. Please wake up… For me? Our friends are worried to you… Especially Leo.” He smiled as they knew they were like yin and yang.
His smile faded as Raph is still not responding. His tears threatened to fall again. “I loved you before, Raphie… And I still love you...”

His eyes widened. He heard Raph grunting. He saw Raph slowly rousing! “Raph! Raphie?” Mikey, April and Leo heard Don’s screams and quickly went inside.
Those clear eyes, he saw them once again. Raph groaned as he tried to move, his muscles need a little shake from being bedridden for so long.
“Raph? Are you okay?” Don asked. Once Raph became fully awake, he just blinked.

“Who are you?” He asked, grunting at the pain on his head.

Everybody froze, especially Don, so what they feared had happened. Raph doesn’t remember anymore. Same as Don two years ago. He had amnesia.

“What am I doing here?” He asked again and then looked around with confusion etched on his face. Everybody is sad for some reason. “Who the heck are all of you?” He is still a little groggy.

“... I’m Donnie…” He hiccupped. April only held his shoulders, she remembered Don is like this two years ago and it’s very hard to accept that the one you loved dearly doesn’t remember you. It took her months to get Don’s trust again and became friends with him.

“... I’m your friend.” He continued, his tears are leaking down. This made Raph got more confused. “Hey, are you crying? What is going on here?” Raph asked once again.
“He is glad you’re awake, Raph.” Leo said. Raph looked at the leader. He grunted, squinted his eyes, and seemed that he is displeased to Leo’s reply or… To Leo himself. It’s amusing that even without memories; he still had a rivalry with his band mate.

They realized Raph’s eyes got heavy again and slept again. Raph stared at Donnie “... I don’t know you… All of you...” He lastly said before dozing off again to heal more. The whole room became silent once more.

Donnie broke down again. Mixed emotions are giving him a rollercoaster feeling. He is not the only one who had a devastating feeling. The leader told the other members as well, it made all of them distraught as Raph had amnesia now. They had a big band meeting, as much as Don doesn’t want to go, he had to as a band member.

Leo sighed. “You all know why we are all here.” Everyone is silent. “I will ask you all if we are going to continue this especially my band. But we’re all in this together, so I need all of your decisions… With Raph’s condition and our action to our sponsors, we have to decide. If we will leave this entire thing behind and have our own fates... We are going to have a concert next month with Raph or not. Probably our last. Are we going to continue this?”
He looked at everyone with their heads down, their judgment in process. Don doesn’t know what to decide. He is leaning on the decision of giving up.
“Yes. I will not leave my buddy. He’s a fast learner, I can teach him it all over again if he wanted.” Slash said. His eyes pierced to Leo while saying it.
“Same.” Casey says. His arms behind his head and showed a slack posture. “I have no life besides my band, so the hell with it. From start to finish.”
“Same as me. I mean, I have my comics as well. So I had no problem.” Tim commented.
“Of course I say yes!” Mikey said, smiling. “This is what Raphie wanted, the music to continue...” Leo smiled at his mate.
“We’ll finish this.” April said. Don looked at her, she seemed to be determined. “Don regained his memories. That makes me have hope that Raph will experience the same. There is always hope.”
Don stopped. Yes, he did regain his memories. He did return to normal. He hoped so many times in his life, especially the time in that horrible two years ago. He hoped Raph will notice it. He hoped Raph will love him. He hoped to be together with him.
“Don?” Leo asked. The bassist looked up. “Your decision?”
“... Let’s do this.” Don answered. He smiled. Finally, he smiled. It’s been a while since he lastly smiled.

The bands started to rehearse. Of course, they took course in guarding and taking care of Raph. It’s been a week and he is still resting. The one who is in duty right now is Casey.
“Hey buddy.” He said. “You might not remember me anymore. But I’m your human form.” He chuckled. “Don is waiting for you. We are all waiting for you. We want you to play with us, with memories or not. Who knows, you might remember after that concert. Everything ends happily, right?” He smiled. “But I don’t know. I really wanted to hope... But I’m still dreaded.” He confessed. “So buddy, I really wish you will remember me… Remember Don...” He said.

He turned around, seeing the peeking Donatello from the door. “Hey, gap tooth.”
“Yeah, yeah, cave mouth.” He smiled. It’s been a while since he joked to his friends. The previous Don never does that as he never retained memories, like this one of them calling names. Casey saw Don with his guitar strapped around his shoulder and carrying his speaker and equipment.

“Finally, you’re here. I’m gonna be late in my date with April.” He said, picking his own guitar up and his small body bag.
“You take care of my guardian or else.” Donnie threatened.
“Wow, never heard you threaten before. You’re starting to get Raph’s attitude.” Casey chuckled and left.

Don bade goodbye as he placed his gear down. “Hey, Raphie.” He sat down and removed his bass guitar from his case. “I’m planning to practice here. But I’ll lower the volume, don’t worry. I hope you don’t mind.” He said. Raph didn’t respond. He only sighed. He positioned his bass guitar as he looked at the song list for that last grand concert. The first song… He knew this first song. It’s one of his favorites.
The irony of this song… He chuckled. “You should be the one who must sing this to me.” He laughed again at the thought.

“I’m going to play now, Raphie...” He smiled. He started to flick his bass while singing softly.

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
The wind would whisper and I'd think of you
And all the tears you cried, that called my name
And when you needed me I came through

I paint a picture of the days gone by
When love went blind and you would make me see
I'd stare a lifetime into your eyes
So that I knew that you were there for me
Time after time you there for me

He tried not to cry again. He really did. These are probably Raph’s words to him if he really did change. He is close in forgiving him as he doesn’t want his heart to be broken by the same man.

Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand
Love letters in the sand, I remember you
Through the sleepless nights and every endless day
I'd want to hear you say, I remember you

He stopped playing, trying to wipe his tears that is falling down. He sniffled and trying to keep himself together as he continued to play again.

We've had our share of hard times
But that's the price we paid
And through it all we kept the promise that we made
I swear you'll never be lonely

He closed his eyes. He sings, hoping for Raph to hear it while playing the notes in his bass.

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
Washed away a dream of you
But nothing else could ever take you away
'Cause you'll always be my dream come true
Oh my darling, I love you

He stopped and looked at Raph. He blushed and leaned closer to Raph, kissing his forehead. He smiled bitterly and continued to play the end.

Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand
Love letters in the sand, I remember you
Through the sleepless nights and every endless day
I'd want to hear you say, I remember you

“... I remember you...”
He stopped singing and playing. He looked at Raph. He swore he heard Raph spoke. His breathing got stopped and he saw his mouth move.

“I… Remember you...”
His head moved slowly. Don quickly turn off and removed his bass and leaned closer to Raph.

“... Raphie? How are you feeling?” He asked gently, not to scare him off. He realized his actions before that caused Raph to get more confused and frustrated. He wanted to be closer to him again.
Raph blinked his eyes and opened them fully. He looked around, and then looked at Donnie.
“... I’m Donnie, do you remember me?” He asked, hoping he would remember his name even if he had no memory of what is his relationship with him.

The patient looked at him, seemed to be confused. “Yeah, Don. Of course, I remembered you.” Raph answered. He groaned as he let himself up.
“Easy, Raph… You’ve been bedridden for too long.” He said, helping him rose up a little. Raph groaned then relaxed. “I’ll get you some food, okay?” Don said and supposed to take his leave.

“Don… That song is from Skid Row, right?” He asked. “Yes, Raph…” He answered weakly. (“He remembered other things but not his friends… Not me…”)
“I used to play that song... Where are Leo and the others? Casey?” He asked.
“They are in the-” Wait.
That day. He only knew Leo and him. How did he learn Casey’s name?! And he remembered playing a song!

He remembered! HE REMEMBERED!!!
Don rushed to Raph, holding his shoulders.

“What is your pet turtle’s name?” He asked quickly. Raph raised a brow. Don needs to know as he doesn’t want his hopes up.
“... Uhh, Spike?”
“What is my favorite topping in the bread?”
“Uhh… Sweet milk. Don, what is going on?”
“What did you gave me before in the library?”
“... I gave you that necklace.” He said, pointing to the ring necklace around Don’s neck. “Donnie, what’s wrong- Oof!”

“Raphie! Raphie! You remembered! You remembered me!!!” He said, hugging the lead guitarist. Don is in tears, after weeks of Raph being out of commissioned and doesn’t remember him anymore when he woke up, then he finally had memories. “What is wrong, Don? I don’t get you. Of course, I remembered you… You’re...” He trailed off, embarrassed to say it. Don looked at him. Raph only whispered but the gaze is away. “You’re the one I loved.”
Embrace Ch. 19 (TMNT Band AU)
Embrace (TMNT) BAND AU
Chapter 19: I Remember You by Skid Row (…

Note/Warning: Tcest (RxD, LxM), Rock band stuff, OOC-ness, bad language, tragic stuff, mature stuff, music will vary on degrees. Also, this is unbeta'd.

Inspired from :iconamortortuga:'s Time To Pretend fanfic!

Wow, never knew I'm able to update twice this month! XD Don't worry, the story is not ending yet as Don haven't forgiven Raph yet. The song featured has a special place in my heart.

I wrote a story in the same song title as well. This song is one of the concept songs in the Embrace plot.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Rigel slept on his Papa's shoulder, too tired to stay awake longer. Raph gently brought their little marshmallow back to bed and tucked him.
The time passed by between them is agonizing, as no one dared to speak or even start a conversation. This is bad. Don thought that showing himself is a bad idea. Maybe he can disappear again so Raph will not be bothered to call himself crazy anymore.
After Rigel was tucked back in to get some much needed sleep Raph sat back on his chair, and even though he didn't say anything he stared right at Donnie’s ghost. He could see the posters right through Donnie’s form on the wall just behind him, Donnie really was a ghost. "Why didn't ya tell me ya were sick...?" His voice barely above a whisper, he wanted to know, no he needed to know. He NEVER would have left if he knew Donnie only had a little bit of time left. Reaching into the hidden pocket of his leather coat to take out the old, wrinkled piece of paper Donnie left him all those years ago, he couldn't bring it on himself to throw it away.
Because it said I love you.
The spirit is scared to answer. He gulped, looking away from his husband's glare. "... I don't want you to be worried to me, Raph... Even if you hadn't left, I will not tell you my illness... I don't want to be a burden..." The ghost started to cry, his energy fluctuating again. "I know from my childhood I will never live longer than normal people. My illness will become a big nuisance to everything. But... I met you and loved you as well." He sighed. "And..." He looked at the sleeping little bundle. "We had a family. I've never been happier in my memories... But... Please, Raph..."
"Let me go."
Raph wasn't sure how what he was feeling in his chest, pain, hurt, desperation, fear, love, want everything all at once. The thought of watching Donnie go again... Fuck. "Ya ain’t no burden Donnie, dun evah think that shit." Growling lightly "I can’t jus' ferget ya." He gripped his son’s blankets tightly. "Now dat I know yer here- How am I supposed ta Don?" Feeling his macho turtle hood crumble around him.
"But... I do think about that... You always try to cater my needs..." Don spoke as he looked at his own fidgeting fingers. "... I only wanted you to be happy so I can be contented and move on." He said when he put his hand on top of Raph's, yet he knew Raph will only feel a chill. "I can't forget you too Raphie... I can't, even if I'm a spirit mess..."
Sucking in shaky breath Raph grit his teeth hard, watching the smaller hand rest atop his but felt nothing but cold. But the action itself was so nice considering he had not had any contact with Donnie in over 5 years. "I gotta git happy fer ya ta move on?" Trying to get his marbles together, as much as he didn't want Donnie’s ghost to leave, it was bound to happen and forcing him to stay would be selfish, especially since he shouldn't hold, touch and stroke Donnie anymore. It would simply drive him crazy only hearing his sweet voice and not having the body to hold close. "Okay." He suddenly said, turning determined eyes to the ghost "I’ll git happy, I'll start ovah an everythin, I just want ya ta be happy too Donnie boy. If ya want me ta smile again I will." Feeling a sudden urge of confidence swell in his chest. And he was determined to get his life back to his old habits for Donnie to finally be at piece. "Jus' wait baby, I’ll meetcha one day."
The deceased wife looked at him, quite very surprised. Raph considered his wish. In a flash, he lunged in to Raph, embracing him, not caring if Raph will have a full chill feeling. "Thank you, Raphie..." He whispered. The thought of Raph meeting Donnie, he had mixed feelings about it. But he knew that everything ends.
"Don't worry, Raphie... I will be the one who'll meet you when you're time has come... I promise." He muttered. He hovered beside Raph and Rigel and smiled at his husband.
"Since we have the time, I know you have questions that needed answers."
Raph shuddered at the chilly running up his spine but didn't say anything, he wished so bad that he could hold Donnie with him literally right here in his arms. It was torture to see and hear but not to touch. When Donnie pulled away and offered questions he had to scowl to think, glancing at little Rigel. "How did cha get pregnant?" He questioned softly. Seriously at first he had thought Donnie went to get with some girl and the chick dumped the egg on him while Raph was away. But when it hatched it looked far more like Donnie than him. Which only supported his thoughts, but those yellow eyes were hard to escape. He never saw another being with yellow eyes besides his own family members.
The spirit looked away, a little embarrassed by the answer to the question. "You remember I was being experimented by the Foot and... Leatherhead and I discovered what it is..." He spoke. "They injected me something that made my body like a woman thus able to get pregnant and have birth. But all of the solution they made is purged out of the body so I only have Rigel." He explained.
"I was scared because I knew you're not going to believe me if I said anything about it." Don looked sad, memories flashing back that he had to raise their son alone. "I didn't tell you because I knew I will hatch it before I could die." He said, giving the letter he wrote had more sense now.
Raph really couldn't believe such a thing happened, but he did remember the experiment thing Don signed up for. All for science is what he said, "... Then I came back." Raph finished feeling like shit. If Donnie said he KNEW Rigel would hatch before he died then him coming home early must have done something. He was just happy he was able to make Donnie happy in his last day. And he really wished there could have been many more. Now at a loss he sat there to think, he wanted to know so much but couldn't even think of something to ask. But the only other important thing he could think of was. "How long have ya been floatin around?" It sounded weird, but what if Donnie had been there the ENTIRE time. Whenever he needed help? Or advice, or even comfort, which didn't happen very often that Raph, would admit that he actually had feeling. Were that all those cold chills he got?
To Don, this is a frisky question. If he told Raph he'd been there the entire time, he will be upset to him.
"... I've been here ever since I died, Raphie." He answered truthfully. "I'm the one who gives you chills as I wanted to comfort you yet... Seemed it rendered the opposite." He spoke. "You know... You're sleeping face that night, you're so peaceful. I'm glad we spend my last day together... I'm glad I'm able to hide all the pain and able to withstand it. I wanted to see you last before I go." he confessed.
Raph was about to snap back a little, I mean he would have loved to know that he wasn't crazy after all this time. Seeing things move oh so slightly, the random cold chills- wait a minute. Raphael raised a brow, but even in this depressing situation managed to give a lopsided smirk. "Dat explains a lot." Leaning back slightly. "Got cold when I tried ta sleep, watching TV and even that time in the shower." Oooohhhh snap. Donnie must have come to watch, now thinking about it, it was pretty hot.
Seeing that leering smirk, it means something. Raph thought of something naughty again. "W-what is it Raphie?" Don shyly asked. Seemed there is something wrong in what he confessed.
Raph gave a small uncaring shrug, milking Donnie’s innocent brain a bit more. "Dunno Donnie boy, I just remember mastering mah bat a while ago and I remembered getting a cold chill." Busted! Donnie must not be all shy and bashful as he played off to be.
Coy maybe? Heh. Well not like he was going to be able to actually advance anymore. "So 'm guessin it was ya who popped in." Feeling himself relax a bit at the familiar conversation.
That's when Donnie blushed like no tomorrow. "I-I!" He stuttered and unable to form legitimate words. That shower scene where Raph is polishing his wood and Don participated on it.
"But you swatted my hand away by turning the heater on..." Don said. A little upset about it as he hovered and went on Raph's lap, his sadness got more visible when Raph literally shivered. He doesn't have body warm anymore. This is one of the things he missed the most: Raph's touch.
Raph’s teases were quickly forgotten the second he tried to wrap his arms around Donnie’s form. Nothing. His lips formed a tight line after that. What a stab in the heart to remember that he could never touch Donnie again. And just when he was getting relaxed. Fuck. Raph simply kept his arms on the rests, wishing he could bump their beaks together like so many times before. But he couldn't even touch the floating ghost resting in his lap. "... Wish ya were still 'ere Donnie boy." He suddenly spoke up glancing off to the side.
"I’m sorry." Is all Don said, as much as he doesn't want to, he is predestined to die, no matter what consequences or alterations that happened. It will be a long time before he can touch Raph for real and he’s willing to wait if there is heaven after all.
"I told you its okay if you dated somebody else Raphie... I’m... Gone so you’re free..." Don said, yet there is a tint of sadness despite the smile he showed.
Raphael absentmindedly let his fingers fidget on the armrests trying to stop himself from reaching and becoming disappointed again. And gave a light hearted snort. "Naw, it ain’t the same." Shifting slightly. "Can’t replace ya, Donnie babe." Sighing softly for someone who was usually very rough and tough but only Donnie knew he had a mushy inside.
"I still love you, Raphie... I'm just flattered you still loved me even after years..." Don spoke softly. "Papa?" A little voice is heard. They looked at the drowsy Rigel, who seemed to be a lot better after some rest. "Hey, baby... You need anything? We'll ask Aunt April to get it for you..."
"Apples... Want apples..." Rigel said. Don giggled, "You really are your Papa's son. Papa loves apples too. I think apples are soft enough for your stomach to digest." Don said, smiling. "Don't worry baby, Papa and Mama are here for you."
Raph nodded at Donnie’s words and his chest constricted again, but didn't let it show. He couldn't let himself become sad and depressed again with Rigel around anymore. He never let that side be visible to his precious kid, but he was determined to get his mind in the clouds, for both Rigel and Donnie. Donnie was dead, simple as that, he couldn't dwell on that anymore. After he got a few apple slices for the lil marshmallow, Raph settled back in his seat after propping his kid up. "How ya feeling there squirt?" Raph asked trying to sound like his normal self. "My head hurts a little," was his whiny reply but he snorted. "I bet. They'll give ya some medicine in a bit kay?" At that moment, a doctor came in and Raphael’s heart jumped in his throat.
Rigel squeaked He hates needles and other scary things they used. Donnie soothed their cute baby as the doctor has a syrup medicine for Rigel.
Don is a little elated that they family is whole again in a sense, that he doesn't have to hide anymore.
When the doctor left, Rigel asked "Papa, Mama said before he missed dancing with you..."
The larger turtle was caught off guard by Rigel’s statement, and gave him a strange look before recognitions blossomed across his face. He and Donnie, well Donnie mostly really liked to dance. And boy could he move but on occasion the olive turtle would help Raph learn a few simple dance steps. Long story short they did dance a little at their wedding and he didn't make a too much of a complete idiot of himself.
"Yeah?" He questioned looking back at Donnie’s spirit in a slight loss. "... Guess I can try, least I can do." He said softly. He never really liked to dance but if Donnie wanted it, Donnie got it. He stood to his full height, and though he felt a little silly held out his hand.
Don squeaked. He told that memory ages ago! Yet his husband still complied. It will be awkward as he will look like he is dancing alone. Don smiled as Raph lend out his hand for a dance, and Don took it.
Don hummed a rhythm, which resembled their wedding song. Raph sang along as they twirl and synchronized their steps together, as if they are still in their wedding party. Don's memories flashed before his eyes, of Raph wearing hakama while he is wearing a kimono, as the theme is Japanese culture. His precious memory, their wedding. He can see Raph is very happy as he danced with him yet the flash is over, and sees Raph got older, and had tears in his face, with hints of sadness and misery. How cruel is fate for them to get separate…
The larger turtle really tried not to let this get to him, he had seen people die right in front of his eyes, lost those closest to him. So many things that had hardened his heart but this....... Donnie was humming their song softly as he moved with his mate, moving to the ghost’s humming, and when they were done had to squeeze his eyes shut to prevent the stinging in his eyes to be seen. It took every fiber of his being not to reach out and drag Don close. Because he knew what he would find, nothing. "Miss ya wakin me up in the mornin." He suddenly said sadly.
Don's memory fluttered on. The last night they had together, at least Raph complied with his request...
"Will you kiss me good night, Raphie? I miss it when you kiss me good night..." Don whispered as Raph slowly leaned to peck his lips before dozing off. It’s the last kiss they had before he passed on, that he didn't have the chance to kiss Raph in the morning, like they usually do. Raph kisses him at night, Don does in the morning.
"... I... I miss it too Raphie." Donnie sobbed as they continued to dance.
The other turtle wished he could have leaned over to press their beaks together, but when his body leaned in he met nothing but cold air. This was going to be so hard with his mate still around. And he halted their dance because he honestly thought he couldn't do it anymore or risk crying. "Dun cry Donnie babe." He whispered softly, unable to comfort his mate. “‘M here, dun cry, nevah could stand ta see ya cry."
Don nodded as he tried to stop crying and wipe his tears away. He doesn't want Raph to be more miserable than he already is. He wanted to Raph to be happy so he can pass on, so he'll help him to be happy as well.
They looked at the source of the giggle and squeal. Don smiled as his baby's energy is slowly coming back and is delighted seeing his parents dance together although separated from the concept of existence. "Mama, Papa, dancing!" He weakly squealed while clapping his hands.
Raph’s lips twitched upward seeing his kid weakly clap at his mommy and daddy. And he motioned for Donnie to come back and float/sit in his lip because he really didn't know how much longer he could hold back the damn if Donnie kept crying.

A few years had passed since that visit to the hospital, and luckily Rigel seemed to be doing fine for the time; now 12 years old the little squirt was growing up fast and Raph often teased him of becoming an old man when Raph himself was growing older and it was easy to tell nowadays. Bbutttttt he found out his cutie marshmallow, much like him in his time as a teenager was pretty defiant and liked to talk back occasionally. Of course Raph would talk back too and make sure Rigel knew just who he was dealing with but other than that he knew Ri was growing up to be a good kid. He was nice to other, and wasn't doing horrible in school so Raph wasn’t getting on him about grades since he usually had around a B. "Aye! The hell’s mah keys?? Rigel ya take mah keys!" He shouted as he looked around annoyed while Rigel came in distracted by his phone. "No I didn't, try the actual key rack." But Raph rolled his eyes and threw a pillow at his son "No dip Sherlock, dey ain’t dar."
"Mama! You got Papa's keys?!" Rigel asked. The ghost took a peek in their room, giggling.
Don witnessed the years Rigel grew up being an adorable marshmallow. Rigel can be a sass master like himself as well. Yet, his attitude is pretty Raph-ish. He also witnessed Raph getting older. He wondered what will happen if he is still alive or when Raph found about his illness sooner. Raph will be much happier and perhaps, look younger as well.
Also, Don noticed Rigel had been texting this guy named Draco these days. It made him concerned because their baby is still young for these things. Draco is a book loving friend of Rigel, who is a shy and quiet kid.
Raph snorted hearing the ghost giggle and went over to the bedroom and indeed there were his keys were on the bed and quickly snatched them up jingling them. "All dah things ya can take ya gotta take me keys Don? Weak." He commented. And nudged past Rigel interrupting his texting. "Will ya put the phone down? Jeez ya ain’t stopped messin wit dat thing since last week." Raph snorted in annoyance and headed out the door real quick to head out to the car only to come back with a few things. "Wha'd I jus' say squirt??" He snapped still seeing Rigel with his phone. "Come on Dad I’m texting my friend."
"Raphie, calm down..." Donnie said as they both went to their room. "Rigel is right, you know. Though, I wondered if Rigel had a crush on this friend." He giggled as he sat down on the bed. Then his face frowned. "I can't blame you but Rigel and you seemed a little distant now. Even after years, I can't move on. I really don't know why..." Don spoke, hiding the feelings he had for years.
He witnessed his husband got wrinkles on his eyes. He witnessed his son growing up. Yet, he felt he is slowly fainting, like he is just a flicker now and not like much energy as before. Don is worried he might get stuck forever or just vanishes into thin air and out of existence.
Donnie's Ghost 4 [RP with FrankenPup]
Warning: Turtlecest (Raph x Don), AU, mpreg, OC, a lot of typos and mistakes as this is a RP and I mostly do it on mobile, violence because war experiences, death, gayness, bad language, tragic stuff, muns being SO RANDOM.

RP with :iconfrankenpup:!

This was an old idea that I have, about military!Raph that wanted to earn money so he can fulfill Don's dream, to travel with him around the world. But it got abandoned for months after telling Franken about it, then one time, while doing the Xenken RP, I told her an updated version of it and we started to do it. Franken wanted the design/character of SAINW!Raph, which is better since his appearance is closer to "military" get up.
The inspiration to this is from the movie "Ghost", one of the movies my mom watched when I was in her tummy. It's one of her ultimate favorites.

There is a time skip now! Ri got older. The RP got really long but there will be an unexpected twist in the future as this is a supernatural/fiction/romance theme or something. Anything might happen very randomly in this story ahaha as we do this for fun after all.

Prev -
Special thanks to :iconemoxyaoixfashion: cause she brought my writing to Embrace back, also Geisha AU. I'm glad and happy there are people who loves my AUs.

I'm surprised many people liked the latest chapter of Embrace ahaha I'm currently making the next one, but I'm also doing a Geisha AU RxD Backstory. Listening to old songs make me want to type my stories again. As you know, I rarely listen to this era's songs. I often listen to 80s-90s songs, mostly rock and roll/slow rock or anything related to that. Some of you might notice the songs I put in the Embrace chapters are mostly 80s-90s. I want to know what is your favorite chapter so far? XD

Many people are asking me if Raph will have the same memory loss as Don, we'll see... We'll see. There is song that I got LSS to that made me write the next chapter of Embrace.

It is amusing that I know the Carpenters' songs but I don't know the titles XD They are one of my mom's favorite artists (Besides ABBA). I grow up to my parents' love of music (Mom loves slow rock/mellow/disco songs while Dad is all around actually, but he loves rock). For me, searching random songs in Youtube sparks my brain to do things ahaha

So what is your favorite songs/artists in the 80s-90s era?

PS. The song in my "Listening to" is definitely Don to Raph in Embrace ahahaha
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Hehe! Thank you so much :D I just saw your post, you're so sweet omg thank you for the mention ouo I was going to message you on tumblr, but I'll just say this here instead xD The 'Donnie arrives 30 years later with starbucks' made me laugh! I will say though, to your last two notes? 'Why not both?' 8D The babs are in for one heckuva ride, that's for sure! And in response to sainw Donnie? This is the most I'll say 8D
xenelle055 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooohhh 8D Both. Both is good.

I had a soft spot for SAINW related things ahaha cause this episode made me cry every time also to the works inspired from this.

I had a thinking that this SAINW Donnie will be a bridge to MNT-G which makes sense since he blame himself for Sensei's death.

Also, I remember making this ahaha
Such coincidence I made this 2k12.
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shellforbrains Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaaah~thank you so much for the watch!<3
xenelle055 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been watching you for a long time in IB and I sjkdhaksdhkgasdg
shellforbrains Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o//////o omg really? who were you on there? I don't post on IB anymore sadly XD
xenelle055 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What I mean in "following" is "stalking" I freaking forgot to follow in IB why this  sdhjglaksdga I'm so sorry-
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I'm xenelle055 (same username) cause your Donnie is so cute lsjdglsdfgds
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