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Well, here is my creations! :la: Not that good though, hope you check and like it!!


My favorites (they are awesome!) from my fellow deviants!


Art Trade with 10yrsy! by xenelle055
Art Trade with 10yrsy!
For :icon10yrsy: (Her AU turtles!)

Just painted a random sunset thingy ahaha
Hope you like it!~

Edit: Changed the skin~
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
He was playing ball with his friends when he first saw his beauty. He always loves those eyes whenever he had a chance to stare at him. He felt giggity when he caught him staring at him as well.
But he never knew his name. His world is different to his. Their personalities are very different. He is a brute while he is a smart lad. He didn’t mean to bully to him, he is not a boy of words. It saddens him that all he does is to scare his crush.
He sometimes steals glances to him. He is usually reading a book or observing plants. He is always calm and smiling.

He was with his mother when they went to the market. He wanted to properly introduce himself to the young lad and wanted to give him a gift with his own earnings being an errand boy in a store. He wanted for them to be friends. He tugged his mother’s skirt. “What is it, dear?” She smiled. “Mama, I want to be friends with someone… I want to buy something for him...” He said softly and shyly. His mother is the only one who sees this. He never knew his father as he died early as the chief of the guild. His mother smiled and patted his head.

The one most memorable meet of him when he was taking care of Spike, his pet turtle. He helped him cure his weak pet. He gave him a flower ornament that he bought with his mother. Because of his childhood friend, Spike is still alive and lives happily, despite being old, in the teahouse.

But there is one memory that he wanted to forget even though he wanted to cherish as much memories with him as he can. That event caused him to lose his childhood love and the vow the made to protect that kid.
He was in a fight with this punk kid because he was messing with the bookish lad. They were in the middle of the road, not aware that a carriage is coming. The kid is able to jump to avoid the raging horse. He was left there until he saw his love covering him. Everything happens so fast but he knew he screamed when he saw his love hurt. The kid didn’t move. He is scared he thought he is dead already. He blackened out in shock after that.

He was very devastated that he never saw the kid again as his mother told him the kid’s family moved town. He was sent to a training school after. His mother got very angry at him when he took over guild after a few years and he got exiled because of it. He loved his mother and he knew her concern of joining the guild like what his father did.

He wasn’t there when his mother died, which caused him much grief and guilt. But she had in her will that he had an arranged marriage with a maiko named Donatello. This angered him, as he held a long time vow to his childhood friend that he kept searching for years. He is slowly losing hope that he will find him, he had thoughts the kid is dead already.

He took a glimpse of the so called Donatello. His agents gave information that he lives in a teahouse. He is beautiful, his heart leaped, like the first time he saw his childhood love. The same feeling. But he knew they are not the same person. He reasoned with himself, that he must protest to this arranged marriage and not love this Donatello.

But he failed.

He met him in the teahouse when the maiko was serving guests. Their meeting is unpleasant, as he saved him from a low ranked rogue being drunk and pervert at him. He is really angry that they do such disrespect to the maiko. After that, his second in command Casey gave a sake bottle to Don, telling him to give it to him. The maiko did enter the room. In an impulse he pinned him as he is mesmerized to his beauty. Donatello slapped him and ran away in fear. Ever since then, he became a patron in the teahouse and the geishas knew that Don is his favorite. He knew Don is uncomfortable to him yet he acknowledges his presence. He had lewd and rude commentaries to everything but Don retaliates though mostly in a polite way, which made him more interested to him as no one retaliate or comment back except for close friends like Casey.

A date is set to their meeting for the procedure of the marriage. As much as he wanted to meet the beautiful maiko for this occasion and for Don to learn who his arranged husband to be is, he can’t as he had an important meeting in the guild. He felt so bad to the maiko and it’s very rude of him to do it, even though he had a rough and tough personality. He avoided the maiko since then but he had a plan. He became Don’s secret admirer. He kept every letter of the maiko. He showered him with luscious gifts, pouring every feeling he had to him. He is happy that the maiko felt the same, he preferred him (as the admirer) than his actual self.

But one day, he got surprised when he received a letter that they must meet. There is a red pin attached to the letter, to know he is the admirer. But he is slumped in guild meetings as a war is slowly approaching, making him very busy. He is too late to catch up to his meet with Don. He felt guiltier when the maiko was waiting for him for hours and got a high fever. It pained him to see the maiko very broken hearted, he had sadness all said by his eyes.

The war came.

He had to tell the truth as he might not come back alive. He is able to talk to Donatello and confessed everything. He showed the red pin as proof. The maiko is very angry, saying he lied to him. He tried to apologize to him but he only received a smack in the face. The maiko said he doesn’t want to see him ever again and left.
He didn’t cry that day. The last cry he had is when his mother died. His heart hardened through the years but… He felt so vulnerable.

He went to the war, his body is moving forward but his heart wanted to go home, to go see Don. He is exchanging letters with his friend April, also Don’s friend. There is never a single letter without the mention of the maiko. He always asks for his welfare being. He gave him a red kimono as a gift to Donatello in finally being a geisha, paid expenses to the teahouse and aided monetary assistance when there is a great flood in the village. He knew that he will never be with Donatello but at least he can admire him from afar.

They won the war.
His body is slowly getting extreme exhaustion as he is getting more wounds as the war progresses. He had a heavy blood loss and slowly dying. He wrote the last letter to April, saying he already gave up hope that Donatello will love him back. He felt bad that there are smudges of his blood and had a crappy, scrawny handwriting. He delivered the letter but he got unconscious.

He felt guilty that he will never return to the village to see the geisha. He started to remember memories of his life, especially that childhood friend of his. He failed that he never gets to meet him again.
He heard someone crying and calling his name.
(“You liar… Don’t... Don’t leave me!”)

He groaned and can’t move because of the bandages. He saw a bright light and a familiar ceiling. He is back in the guild house. He moved his head, seeing the teary face of the now geisha, Donatello.

“Don… I’m sorry.”
“You… You idiot… Making me worried like that… I’m very glad… I’m glad you’re safe.”
“I love you… That is the truth… Ever since… Being Raphael or the secret admirer… I always loved you…”
“I…. I love you too…”

Raph smiled as they are having a general cleaning in the teahouse. He found his sole box of old things he kept. He is holding the red pin. There are also his letters with Don during his secret admirer days and with April during the war included. He felt sad he didn’t have any memento from his childhood friend. He hoped he is happy wherever he is.

“My danna?”
He looked back. His wife, the geisha Donatello, is near the door. “What are you doing there?” He said and gently going inside.
“Nothing. Just looking at some stuff.”
“Hey, that’s my pin. You still kept it.” He smiled and sat beside him. “Something wrong, my danna?”
“Nothing… I just missed him.”
“Your childhood friend, is it?” He said. Raph didn’t answer. “Well, I felt that he is in a happy place now… Dead or alive if you say.”
“Really?” He asked.
Don nodded. “I just had a strong feeling.”

“It’s funny that I’m the kid all along...” Don giggled as he is around his husband’s arms. Don is being hospitalized because of his lungs. He didn’t tell Raph about his illness. “You still thought of me after all this time...”
“Yeah… And it made me love you more knowing about it.” Raph murmured. He kissed his wife’s lips, making Don blushed. He continued to his neck and bit his shoulder because of his arousal to him.

“R-Raph~ I thought…”
“I know. Recover then make up sex.”

Don nodded. Raph caressed his face. He had been considering it. They had been in a mutual bond as danna and the geisha.
But he wanted a true commitment. A real marriage together. He closed his eyes. There will be a time for that.
Geisha AU Backstory 2 [RxD]
Warning: Turtlecest [RxD], AU, innuendos and sexual things

This is Raph's side of the story.

Yes, even though they are husband and wife, they are not officially married. Only in the rules of the danna and geisha, like living partners (since Don quit being the geisha already and became the head of the teahouse). There will be a sole chapter to that, since it will be after Raph's last war (in the future).

Backstory 1 - Geisha AU Backstory 1 [RxD]
Rigel's Birthday! by xenelle055
Rigel's Birthday!
This is a late, late, obligatory art.

Rigel's creation is Sept. 25, 2013.

I will confess now that I wrote Exist, the first story where Rigel was in.
Special thanks to :iconemoxyaoixfashion: cause she brought my writing to Embrace back, also Geisha AU. I'm glad and happy there are people who loves my AUs.

I'm surprised many people liked the latest chapter of Embrace ahaha I'm currently making the next one, but I'm also doing a Geisha AU RxD Backstory. Listening to old songs make me want to type my stories again. As you know, I rarely listen to this era's songs. I often listen to 80s-90s songs, mostly rock and roll/slow rock or anything related to that. Some of you might notice the songs I put in the Embrace chapters are mostly 80s-90s. I want to know what is your favorite chapter so far? XD

Many people are asking me if Raph will have the same memory loss as Don, we'll see... We'll see. There is song that I got LSS to that made me write the next chapter of Embrace.

It is amusing that I know the Carpenters' songs but I don't know the titles XD They are one of my mom's favorite artists (Besides ABBA). I grow up to my parents' love of music (Mom loves slow rock/mellow/disco songs while Dad is all around actually, but he loves rock). For me, searching random songs in Youtube sparks my brain to do things ahaha

So what is your favorite songs/artists in the 80s-90s era?

PS. The song in my "Listening to" is definitely Don to Raph in Embrace ahahaha
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RaphxDon and LeoxMikey Stamp by NaruButt


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