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Well, here is my creations! :la: Not that good though, hope you check and like it!!


My favorites (they are awesome!) from my fellow deviants!


Leo POV:

“We’re nearing the area, Raph.” I said. Raph knew about Don’s location since he found him when Rigel called for help. He’s in the sewer tunnel under the oak tree. We searched that area many times yet he is hiding there all along.
I never saw Raph that… Soft earlier. I knew he still loves Don. He had been searching for him nonstop. I knew Raph’s decision before was a mistake. But I can’t blame him. During the time Mike and I talked about confessing it, he and I already packed our bags. We will run away if Father does not agree. I love Mikey and will go to anywhere with him. Fortunately, Father agreed and gave his blessing.
I wish they would be together again.
“We’re here, Leo! I’m going upwards now!” Raph said as he steered and accelerated as fast as he could.
Raph POV:

Light had pierced through, signaling that we have reached an open space. Leo opened the door to scan the room for unpleasant surprises then I came out after. There are a lot of mechanical parts and blue prints. We definitely reached the correct place.
My thoughts froze when I saw a familiar skin under the table.
Leo POV:

I ran after the moment Raph yelled. Raph gently held the shivering Donatello. He had gotten blue and pale. He had a shallow breathing and intense shaking. Not good. We must get Don out of here and make him warm.
“Raph, you carry him to the tunneler. I will get his bags.” I ordered. Raph didn’t waste any time and carried Don with blankets wrapped around him.
I picked as many bags and things as I could. Don was done in the packing. I saw the screens of the security cameras. Every pathway is blocked by snow. We definitely made the right plan not to travel above.
Once the things are loaded, I steered the tunneler downwards again to return to the base. “How is Don?” I asked. I saw in the mirror that Raph is embracing Don, sharing his body heat to him.
Raph POV:

Don is being layered by so many blankets but he needed medical help. Leo had send April a message to prepare warm tub of water and the heater. “Breathing is still shallow.” I answered. It’s been so long since I embraced him, the reunions sure are not positive.
I’m always scared whenever Don is sick. There I said it.
Don is a healthy guy but his habits are going… Out of bounds usually. He is crazy over some experiments and scientific breakthroughs which had helped us a lot during missions. Yet, he is pushing himself too hard.
I… I can imagine he had to juggle everything just to raise Rigel. I don’t know… I wanted to be part of Don’s life again.
But it is much complicated now.
“We’re here.” Leo said and opened the door. Mikey and Casey are there to help.
Mikey POV:

Don is not good. We rewarmed him slowly but he is having a fever. Leatherhead and April are currently checking on him, while I’m carrying baby Rigel. He is so cute. He had Donnie’s skin but… The eyes. The eyes are like Raph’s.
Leo accompanied Sensei in the attic and to report what happened. Raph remained to Don’s side until now. I won’t be surprised that Raph will love his kid in a short time.
Since he still loves Don.
April POV:

It’s been a day and Don is still not waking up but his health is responding well. It is currently my duty since Leatherhead needed some sleep after all. He is currently staying for a while at the abandoned basement where Kirby used to stay in.
Don may never believe or see it, but it’s endearing to see Raph beside him again. Until now, I’m still trying to convince Don to give Raph another chance as he still loves him. The usual reason I say is for Rigel’s sake.
Don POV:

I felt so drained, like I’m really in zero energy. Am I dead? I’ve been hearing noises earlier. I heard Raph’s voice, he told me to go back. He told me he loved me. He told me to stay for Rigel. There is darkness around me.
But I fought it. I tried.
I… I opened my eyes. Hngh! It’s too bright! I blinked and slowly getting used to the brightness. I moved my head.
I saw Raph sitting beside me, he is sleeping.
It’s… It’s been months since I saw him like this. He used to do that to me when I was sick…
Raph’s here. Why he is here?! Why am I in… April’s house?!
Oh, no… Oh, no.
They had found me. I don’t know how… But they had found me.
What am I going to do now?
They had Rigel… I tried to move my body. I feel so… Weak.
I removed the blanket and dragged my legs to the floor. I used the side table as a support. I groaned softly by the shock of my muscles to move. I had victory to my head when I’m able to move, with the support of the side table and the walls.
I’m almost halfway. I’m panting, my knees are shaking but I can do this.
I can!

I stopped and looked behind. Raph had awakened, still a little drowsy. God damn it.
My heartbeat is racing. Before I can move, my knees shook and just fell on the ground. I can hear the heavy footsteps going closer.
“Are you okay? You could’ve just wake me up if you need something.”
“I don’t need your help. I don’t want to stay here.”
I heard Raph sighed. I’m testing his patience.
“You’re still recovering. You are staying here until you got better enough to walk. Come on, I’ll help you get to the bed.” His hand is warm when he touched my shoulder.
“I told you I don’t need your help!” He is nearing his limit of patience now.
“Why are you being stubborn?! You could’ve died there, Don! If I had to bring your ass back to bed, I will do it!”
“Put me down!” I yelled yet my throat hurts.
The door slammed.
“What is going on?!”
Leo POV:

We were waiting for any progress until April heard some noises from the bedroom. I rushed and opened the door.
“What is going on?!” I yelled. I saw Raph carrying Don while he is struggling.
“He wants to escape by the window.” Raph said.
“Raph. Put him down.” I commanded. He grunted but he did put him down gently to a spare chair. I thank the deities and fate that my brother is alive.
“Hey, Don…” I said and kneeled down to his level. “It’s been a while.” I miss Donatello. Things are not well in the lair. There are a lot of broken parts. Our patrol in the tunnels increased as the security is not updated anymore. None of us are experts to that kind of thing. I miss the clanking and noises Don does whenever he is at work.
“Come on, Don. Rigel will be upset if his… Mother is not well.”
I could see Don’s shock in his face.
“Y-You knew…” He looked at April. “You tricked me!” He yelled. “I trusted you!”
“I’m sorry, Don. They found me.” She said.
“Where is my son?!”
“Rigel is sleeping in his crib.” April said. Don attempted to stand up. “I want to see him!”
“Don, you are sick. I’m sorry but I can’t. I don’t want Rigel to catch your flu.” April explained fast as Don’s patience is getting thin. “Rigel had a weak immune system, remember?”
This stopped Don and nodded. He is still hostile to us. I had to make Don cooperate or convince him.
“Don, there is a blizzard outside. You are sick and almost died due to hypothermia. We missed you, Don. Just rest here for a while.”
Don looked up.
“You will stay here until you get better. Then, we will let you go with Rigel.” I saw Raph wanted to speak. “Not now, Raph.” I understood Raph’s action of protest but I had no choice.
“… I don’t believe you, Leo.” Don replied.
“Donnie, you know me. I abide by my honor. You have my word.”
Don sighed. “Fine. But I don’t want HIM inside this room.” Don spoke and looked sharply at Raph.
“Understood. But at least let Raph carry you back.”
“No, I can handle this on my own.”
I sighed. “Mikey is currently preparing some soup.” Don is near the bed now and I’m relieved he went back to the bed. “He will bring it here shortly.” I said. April already took her leave. “Raph, come on.” I said.
Raph and Don just glared at each other but Raph had left with me.
April POV:

Outside, Raph slammed his fist in the wall in frustration and anger. Their meeting is definitely not pleasant.
“I lost my temper…” He murmured. I knew Raph wanted to talk to Don again to sort it out but Raph had a negative response whenever someone showed anger at him or tested his patience.  I can see how Raph got hurt when his anger slowly dissipated. He told me some of their memories together and I knew that showed how Raph cares to Don.
But Don doesn’t let him.
Mikey POV:

I heard Don had woken up. As much as I wanted to run and be with one of my brothers, I had to prepare food for him.
I miss Don. He is usually the peacemaker whenever there is tension. He helped us get some sweet ass stuff. He usually fixes or upgrades my game system. It made me realize how much we needed him when he ran away. I heard Don resisted to Raph earlier as well.
I walked to Don’s room with a tray of food. Inside, Don is writing something. His aura is definitely in an alert mood.
“What are you doing here?!”
“Chill, Don. I’m just bringing some chow. It’s only me, Mikey.” I calmly said.
“Oh… I’m… I’m sorry.”
After putting the tray on the table, I sat down and carried the bowl.
“I’m okay, Mike. I’ll feed myself.
“Come on, Don. Just this once. I miss feeding you whenever you’re sick.”
“Oh, when we were tots.” I blew the spoon and offered it to him. I’m just glad he didn’t argue much and accepted the meal.
“It’s been a while since we last talked.” I said. “Don’t worry, I will not ask questions you aren’t ready to answer. I just want you well.”
Don had gone silent. Among us, I’m the usual brother he had shared some of his troubles. It got lessen when Raph and him got together. Now that I think about it, I noticed Don is asking me such random questions, like about love relationships. It is probably about Raph.
“I shouldn’t be here. I’m a disgrace to the clan.”
“You’re not Don.”
“No! I am!”
“We knew about the kid and your relationship to Raph. Leo and I…”
“I heard it from April. I’m happy for you two.”
I’m sorry if I’m prying but… It’s not too late, you know… At least consider it.”
“It’s too late, Mike.” Don said. “We can’t turn back the time or had another chance. I won’t be surprised if he only did that for consolation since he had a new mate or exploring to some dimensional chicks.”
“We both know Raph isn’t like that. It is not consolation. We knew Raph is genuine to his feelings and actions. Also, he tried. But… Only one prevailed and it’s you.”
There is a long silence and Don just laughed. “I’m sorry Mike but I will not believe you in that! He left me, Mike! He left me!” He emphasized. “He gave up! And so I gave up on him as well!”
I was a little taken aback by the outburst.
“Oh… I’m really sorry about that.” He spoke.
“It’s okay, Don. I understand your insight but I’m just hoping you two can talk it out.” I said. In the positive side, Don finished his meal and took his medicine.
“You rest well Don, okay?” I said. Don nodded softly, much to my surprise. I knew he is still broken hearted by what happened to Raph and him that result too much bitterness in him.
I quietly went out of the room.
Leo POV:

The snowstorm is still raging outside. We are all in our sweaters and blankets near the heater. Don is responding to his health well as his flu is slowly dissipating. Mikey had shared his discussion with Donnie to us. He is still hurt by what had happened to them and wanted to cut all ties. I looked at Raph. He is only staring at the window. He is broken by what Don said. I can attest to Mikey’s explanation that Raph truly loved Don. I accidentally see him in his room viewing their pictures together or just touching his anklet. He started wearing it a few weeks after Father gave blessing to Mike and me.
I learned my lesson during my travels. People make mistakes and wrong decisions. We have to learn from them to move forward. I know Don is the most forgiving person among us. There will be a moment where he is calm enough to talk to him.
I knocked before I peeked. It is my duty to give him food now as Mikey is taking a nap. I went inside when Don saw me carrying something.
“Hey, Don. Are you feeling better?”
“I’m fine. Thank you.”
I sat down while holding a bowl of congee. “That’s good.”
“Remember the deal, Leo.”
“I’m not forgetting it. Honestly, I’m just sad that you distrust us easily. We are family, Don.”
“Not anymore.”
“We still are. Nothing will ever change that.”
“I don’t need your lectures, Leo.”
“You will not get one. Here, eat up. You need more strength.” I gave the warm bowl to Don. “I’m just scared in what happened. I almost lost my brother and I didn’t do anything about it.”
“I… I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“I know. You had to do what you had to do. I know you did everything for Rigel. He is a very happy little kid even though he seemed to have a dislike to me.” Don laughed. It seemed he knew it instantly why Rigel didn’t like me.
Rigel POV:

There are so many faces that I see. They are like Mama! I’ve been hearing that Mama is sick but is getting better. Uncle Mike-Mike told me that I’ll get sick if I went to Mama quickly. Aunt April is playing my toys with me beside this thing that makes me warm. This toy is my favorite. Mama said it is a motorcycle and it came from my Papa.
I saw this big man sitting far away and looking at the window. He carried me before they left.
He seemed sad.
“Aunt ‘Pril.” I tugged her shirt and I pointed at the man.
“Oh, do you want to talk to him?”
I nodded and she carried me.
“He wants to talk to you.”
The big man is surprised when Aunt April gave me to him. The big man has a big chest! He is bigger than Mama! I giggled to cheer him up. But he is very sad. I don’t know why he is sad. Is it because of Mama?
“Hey, lil guy.” He smiled a little and shared my toy with me. He is surprised at my toy. I wondered why. “I am Raph.”
I blinked. His name is familiar… Oh! He’s the guy that sent Nightwatcher to save Mama!
“Ra… Raph… Thank… You.”
Mr. Raph is surprised but he only patted my head. Mr. Raph is a nice guy after all.
“No problem, kid.”
I giggled.
Exist Ch. 11
Welcome to the story "Exist", it's an RaphxDon mpreg/turtlecest/AU sort of fanfic. Please respect as I'm experimenting writing "difficult" themes. Thank you.
Warning: Turtlecest, RxD, sex, mpreg, Rigel!
So this is the first RxD mpreg story. Yes, this is Rigel's first appearance in a fic. This was released a year ago under the name Clara the Writer cause I was scared of revealing I had an OC and the fact I'm writing a mpreg.
The writings there are shorter and in POVs, as I'm experimenting writing.

Prev: Exist Ch. 10
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
The two suspects escaped fast and they aren’t able to track them during the chase. Leo just remained beside Mike. The doctors said that Mikey is in critical condition as he lost too much blood. No one dared talked to Leo, as he is too preoccupied in his mind. Ever since the admittance, he didn’t speak a word and just remained beside Mikey.
Everyone is too shaken and didn’t have that night’s sleep.
“Don, come on. You should take a shut eye.” Raph said. “I’ll wake you up when Mike has woken up.”
“I… I can’t, Raph.” He answered. “I can’t leave Mike.”
“Come on, Don. Just a nap.” Raph suggested.  “… If you wanted to.” He followed. Don smiled. Raph is watching his words to not sound he is forcing him.
“Alright, then… But I want my pillow and blanket.” He smiled a little. Raph is glad he is able to give a little positivity to Don. “Alright.”
Leo’s eyes are too tired and soggy for crying nonstop. His band mates are very worried to his welfare. April had offered Leo to eat for Mikey’s sake but Leo declined. Their leader had worse stubbornness than Raph. They had to call for help.
The next day, the door opened, revealing the Honorable and Lady Hamato. They felt the remorse of their son, he is sitting there, restless, waiting for his beloved to wake up and be better. Leo’s hand is shaking as Lady Hamato approaches. He is holding and staring at a box.
“My son… We came here as fast as we could.” His mother said. “Your friends had told us what happened.” She followed. She bent down to Leo’s level. His eyes are flooding with tears again. All her life, he never had seen his son this miserable.
“… Mama…” It’s been so long since he called her like that. She embraced his crying son. She patted his back for comfort. His father followed as well. They only wished them to be happy but it seemed fate had been not merciful once more. “It’s okay, my son. Michelangelo is a fighter like his mother. He will fight for you.” She said. Leo sniffed and sobbing more.
“We just wanted to be happy. He did… Everything he can… To be with me.” He spoke. “He… He bought me tickets to watch Kabuki… He made me write songs…” He sniffed. “He took care of me… He… He made me happy. He made me feel I’m free… But he had to follow our rules… He didn’t deserve this!” He cried again.
“It definitely isn’t, my son.” His mother said. “He loves you very much since the beginning. I would always favor him to be your partner than others.” She said.
“I’m the one who supposed to protect him!” He said. “I’m the one that’s supposed to be there.” Leo sobbed once more. She remained hugged for almost an hour before Leo had fully calm down. She had also convinced him to eat a meal.
Leo’s parents went outside after, to give Leo and Mikey some privacy.
“Is he alright, Lady Hamato?” April asked.
“A little…” He answered. “He… He is too shaken by what had happened. But I cannot blame him, as he loves Michelangelo very much.”
“We won’t stay here for long. The Intel told us about the two suspects. They are reported to be in Japan. We had to return to settle the issue.” Leo’s father said. He placed his hand on Raphael’s shoulder. “I entrust you to him.” Raph nodded.
Leonardo had heard the conversation. Karai. She is responsible to this!
He sighed and held Mikey’s hand. He rubbed the band Mikey wore.
“Get back to us, Mike… To me.” Leo whispered. “I want to see your beautiful blue eyes again. You have to wake up. We’re almost in what you wanted, being married… Being together under one roof.” He said. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you… You held my heart, Mike.” He spoke.
“I had a bad feeling.” Raph said while giving Chinese takeout to Don. “You seemed to have a good sleep.” Don smiled. “You said to have a good sleep.” Don smiled. “You said it’s supposed to be a nap.”
“Well, yeah but I shook you and you still remained asleep.” Raph reasoned. “Oh.” Don said. “What do you mean by bad feeling?” He asked.
“That Leo is going to do something stupid.” Raph said. The door opened and surprisingly they saw a determined Leonardo.
“I’m going to Japan to settle some matters. April, you will watch him when I’m away. Call me ASAP when he is awakened.” Leo said and took his leave but someone stopped him.
“Why are you going to Japan?” Raph asked. This is always not good. “You are just leaving, Mike? He needs you more than ever!”
“I’m not in the mood to argue with you.” Leo said menacingly. “I have records to set straight. Don’t make me, Raph. Not now.” Leo said with serious intent. “You will do the same to Don.” He followed. The emerald skinned turtle just squinted his eyes.
Leo just left without a word.
“See? I told you. A bad feeling.” Raph spoke. He sighed.
Earlier, Leo can’t stop thinking of the fast event that caused Mikey’s life to be in danger. He knew Mikey pushed him the moment he saw the gun pointing at him. Karai’s target was supposed to be him.
He clenched his fists. Karai. He closed his eyes and unclenched his fists.
“I’m sorry, my love.” He gently caressed Mikey’s cheek. “I’m sorry I never made you happy and made you abide to my family’s wishes… I’m… I’m sorry that I left you because of that. It is stupid of me to do so. Mikey, I have always loved you. I broke my promise that I will go to the end with you… I had brought you such suffering…” He choked, his tears forming. “Please wake up and come back to me.” Leo begged. He rarely begs or asks for something that isn’t related to work.
“Thank you for not leaving me…” He muttered. Leo felt very lost without Mike. His whole world became a dull black and white.
“Remember when I got really sick? I heard your voice… You said ‘don’t leave me’. You cried and cried… I hate seeing you cry especially if it is because of me. I fought to see you again. Follow my voice, Mike. Don’t leave me.”
An hour had passed, Leo still remained beside Michelangelo. He stood up.
“Mike, I will be leaving for a couple of days. It’s… It’s about this… I promise I will be back.  I promise in my honor.” He kissed the patient’s forehead. “I love you.”
“I’m really worried to Mike.” Tim said. The duty today is Casey and April so the rest of the band had rested to their tour bus for a while. Tim and Slash are in the living room while Raph and Don are in their room.
“He will be fine, Tim. Mike’s a fighter.” Slash said. His memories are flashing in his head. Mikey is a spirited, little guy, who is definitely head over heels to Leo. They were young when they started Shell Shocker. He was their bouncer before Raph met him and became Raph’s best friend. The two are dating and Mike really does his best to make Leo happy. Sometimes he is annoyed to Leo when he is stoic and less responsive to Mike’s affections.
“I just felt sad that this tour had so many bad vibes.” Tim spoke.
“I can’t blame you for that.” Slash replied. “I won’t be surprised if the higher dudes wanted to finish this tour.” He looked at the saddened Timothy. “Sorry about that.”
“Nah, I just want to enjoy this as much as we can, you know?” He said.
“Thank you for the food earlier, Raphie.” Don said. They went back to the bus as it felt stuffy in the hospital after staying there. Raph had bought some meal along the way.”
“No problem to that.” He smiled as he seated beside Don. He had finished taking a shower.
“… Don…” Raph trailed off.” Don looked at him and felt Raph is gotten shy again.
“What is it, Raph?” Don asked. “It’s okay.”
“I… I can’t believe you… You had forgiven me.” Raph said. “I’m…” He stuttered. Don just smiled and held his hand. “I know…” He laid his head on Raph’s shoulder.
(“I’m… Happy.”)
Sakura petals had fallen down as Leonardo walked by. He is in full attire with his family’s crest which is the sakura. His two swords are strapped on his back. A dojo is slowly being in his view.
He entered the dojo and closed the door.
“You have arrived, Leonardo. What a surprise.”
A figure emerged from the shadows. A lady is wearing a red kimono. She had a pair of swords as well.
“I would take a guess why you are here. It’s either… You wanted to capture me or… Taking revenge because your fiancé is dead.”
Leo’s hand gripped to the handle of this sword.
“Ah, seemed I missed the target. It should’ve been you.” Karai sheathed her sword. “But I think this setup is better.” She said. “As I will finish you myself.”
Leo unsheathed his sword.
Embrace Ch. 23 (TMNT Band AU)
Embrace (TMNT) BAND AU
Chapter 23: LSS - Stonefree (…)

Note/Warning: Tcest (RxD, LxM), sex, Rock band stuff, OOC-ness, bad language, tragic stuff, mature stuff, music will vary on degrees. Also, this is unbeta'd.

Inspired from :iconamortortuga:'s Time To Pretend fanfic!

I seriously can't choose a song so... (This song is perfect for the previous chapter haha)
Before peeps say anything, Leo left so he can finish the business with Karai quickly. He trusts and still hope that Mike will live as he knew Mike doesn't back down but its a 60/40 scenario. He is very worried to Mike but he had to take matters to his hands. Don't worry, Leo won't stay in Japan long.

Previous: Embrace Ch. 22 (TMNT Band AU)
Just a quick note... (As I might not post some of the... Uhh... Yeah.)

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